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BMW and state grid electric vehicle company build 100 energy stations

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  [ Car home information ]  recently , BMW and State Grid Electric Vehicle Company announced to further deepen bilateral cooperation , The content covers the cooperation and promotion of charging service products 、 Promote the use of new energy power for new energy vehicles 、 Research and innovation of charging technology . The two sides expect to establish... In the next three years 100 An integrated green energy station with charging, lighting and storage , At the same time, BMW will accelerate access to the green power service of State Grid Electric Vehicle Company .

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   Through close cooperation with mainstream charging service operators , Expect to 2021 end of the year , BMW will provide owners with access to more than 36 Ten thousand high-quality charging piles , These include 15 Ten thousand DC fast charging piles , And through user comments and feedback to deeply understand user needs , Optimize the public charging experience .

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   Among the major charging service operators cooperating with BMW , The charging pile and DC fast charging pile provided by State Grid electric vehicle company account for the highest proportion . Besides , The first integrated green energy station of light filling and storage jointly built by BMW and State Grid Electric Vehicle Company has been completed and put into operation in Junbao bank in Beijing , Create photovoltaic power generation 、 Energy storage 、 The green comprehensive energy service mode of intelligent charging and mutual coordination , Realize the low-carbon and sustainable development of BMW sales and service . The energy station is expected to provide 13 10000 kwh photovoltaic green power , Equivalent to a pure electric BMW iX3 Offer about 77 A range of 10000 kilometers .

   meanwhile , BMW is accelerating its access to the green power service of the State Grid Electric Vehicle Company . At present, State Grid Electric Vehicle Company has been established in four regions ( Beijing 、 Chongqing 、 Zhejiang 、 hunan ) Realize the application of green power to public charging services . In the future, BMW New Energy owners can pass My BMW App Find a green charging station certified by State Grid Electric Vehicle Company , And obtain the green power traceability certificate .

   In the field of charging technology research and innovation , BMW and State Grid Electric Vehicle Company are discussing plug and play 、 Carry out technical cooperation in high-power charging , Jointly explore forward-looking technologies and vehicles in the field of charging - pile - Research on Web interaction technology . BMW and State Grid Electric Vehicle Company are expected to launch the latest plug and play service this year , There is no need for cumbersome operations such as mobile phone code scanning , The vehicle can automatically complete the certification after inserting the gun 、 Charging starts 、 Charging stop and order generation and settlement .

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   The upcoming BMW pure electric vehicles will support plug and play service , The first models include the upcoming pure electric BMW iX And BMW i4 etc. , When charging, just pass My BMW App Activate this function , Charge before pay , Save binding account 、 register 、 Recharge and other cumbersome steps , Greatly improves the charging experience .

   BMW Group “ Three steps ” The concept promotes the transformation to sustainable digital intelligent travel . The first stage , adopt Project i The project starts the BMW electric travel journey , Continuously incubate innovative technologies and finally achieve mass production . The second stage , Rely on intelligent vehicle platform architecture and highly flexible production network , BMW Group plans to 2023 In, about 12 A pure electric model , Plans to launch a pure electric BMW 5 system 、 BMW X1, And pure electric BMW 7 The department and the MINI COUNTRYMAN Follow on models . To 2023 year , BMW Group will be around 90% Provide at least one pure electric model for each product line in the market segment of .

   BMW's transformation will take place in 2025 It entered the third stage in , Introduction “ New generation ” models , In the digital 、 Set new benchmarks in electrification and Sustainability . Expect to 2030 year , Pure electric vehicles will account for at least... Of the total delivery of BMW Group 50%. In the next ten years or so , BMW Group plans to deliver about... In the world 1000 Ten thousand pure electric vehicles .

   In China, , BMW is also sparing no effort for the group 2030 Contribute to carbon reduction goals , For this purpose, a clear road map of electrification transformation has been planned . The company plans to arrive at 2025 year , Pure electric vehicles will account for at least a quarter of BMW's total sales in China .( compile / Car home Li na )

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