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Roewe i5 GT configuration exposure will push three versions of models

2021-08-27 20:46:09 Aika new car Express

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

Chinese brand sports cars have become a trend , SAIC Roewe has also launched Roewe with the main sports style i5 GT. roewe i5 GT Will be listed at Chengdu auto show , Will launch 1.5T GT Wind speed version 、1.5T GT Sonic version 、1.5T GT The speed of light version has three versions .

Based on Roewe i5 Rongwei made by i5 GT In terms of appearance, we won't repeat it , Click on 【 roewe i5 GT Live shooting experience 】 To understand it . In terms of body size , roewe i5 GT The length, width and height are respectively 4615/1818/1489mm, The wheelbase is 2680mm. The following table shows the main sports style cars recently launched by Chinese brands , Closer to young consumers .

configuration , roewe i5 GT The whole series is equipped with adjustable steering power as standard 、17 Inch black rim 、 Voice control 、 Electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror 、 Keyless entry 、 Start the power sunroof with one touch 、LED Headlights and other configurations . Highly matched 1.5T GT The speed of light version will be equipped with front seat heating 、 Front passenger four-way electric adjustment 、 The whole car safety belt is not fastened 、 Full speed range ACC Adaptive cruise 、IHC Automatic high and low beam switching 、AEB Automatic emergency brake 、SAS Intelligent speed assist system 、FCW Front collision warning system 、LDW Lane Departure Warning System 、LDP Lane departure correction system 、TJA Traffic congestion assistance 、 Venus intelligent system and other configurations .

motivation , roewe i5 GT Will be equipped with 1.5T High power engine , Maximum power is 127kW(172 horsepower ), Peak torque is 275Nm. roewe i5 GT Equipped with a 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox . roewe i5 GT Will use the former McPherson + Rear torsion beam suspension assembly .

Edit comment on : It can be seen that more and more Chinese brands are beginning to layout to a younger sedan market , Although Roewe i5 GT From the modeling point of view, it can not be divided into sedan , But this naming and power , In the future, it will enter this car segment to compete .


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