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Roewe i5 GT's real shooting experience has a higher appearance value of "100 million points"

2021-08-27 20:46:15 Aika new car Express

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Roewe has seen through these years “ Naming script ”,PLUS、MAX Emerge in endlessly , The vertical division of different vehicle series . Now , It is no longer satisfied with the suffix of digital products , Instead, he turned his eyes back to the car circle and finally locked the two letters ——GT. After decades of development ,GT The meaning of the word is no longer limited to Gran Turismo, But gradually generalize , Interpreted by a variety of models . In Roewe i5 GT In the context of ,GT Represents a sporty upgrade , And this year 4 Roewe, who completed the change in June i5 comparison , It happened inside and outside the car “ Billion points ” Important changes ……

Appearance part , roewe i5 GT It has become a new beneficiary of the digital rhythm design concept , By how much Z The grid composed of character lines is three-dimensional and full , Earn enough return rate . If the tail design can be strengthened in the future , Such as adding spoiler 、 Exposed exhaust pipe, etc , I believe it will match its name better .

roewe i5 GT Appearance? The front face is worthy of suffix

interiors , roewe i5 GT Not much has changed , And Rongwei i5 The difference is more reflected in the configuration . What impressed me was its car engine system , from UI There is no hard injury from the design to the menu logic , Easy to get started , At the same time, thanks to the five core processor of MediaTek , The system responds quickly .

roewe i5 GT The interior car machine is really nice

Edit comment on : From your collar 03、MG6、 Shadow leopard to the glory in front of you i5 GT, Sports products have brought new vitality to the market . With a fully upgraded look 、 Configuration and power , roewe i5 GT Have more “ harvest ” The capital of young consumers , In the entry-level compact car “ Mobile infighting ” Take the lead in .1-7 month , roewe i5 The cumulative sales volume of has reached 62954 car , roewe i5 GT Can you add another firewood to the fire ? Let's look forward to , Let's welcome the announcement of the price !

Tomorrow, , Aika automobile will be honored for everyone i5 GT Test drive report , Want to know what its acceleration and braking test results are ? Want to know how it performs on the open road ? Please pay attention to our follow-up report .

Review of highlights :

roewe i5 GT Power turbine support is more powerful

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