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How to choose independent high-quality SUV? Xingyue l vs. Mocha

2021-08-27 20:50:00 Aika new car Express

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SUV The market continues to be hot , It has an inseparable relationship with the rapid development of China's independent brands . Geely and Great Wall Motors WEY brand , It can definitely be regarded as the two major contributors of independent brands , They always play the role of joint venture compact in the market SUV The role of Terminator . Today, , The two launched Xingyue L And mocha, two new cars with explosive potential . So what kind of sparks can they collide with ? Let's find out through the following !

Summary : Design level , I prefer Xingyue L The sense of elegance , Moreover, the taillight group and air inlet grille are more exquisite than their competitors . Of course , Mocha itself is a medium-sized car SUV, Relatively larger , Therefore, it will be more beautiful than stars on the visual level L More imposing .

The more stars L Contrast Mocha : appearance ----1

Summary : Independent brand SUV Always known for its cost performance , Therefore, in terms of internal configuration , Both models showed full sincerity , It's hard to decide . In terms of intelligence , The more stars L The car engine system with mocha is very functional , Built in many third-party applications , This is the same level of joint venture brand models do not have .

The more stars L Contrast Mocha : interior

Edit comment on : A few years ago , We are also immersed in joint venture brand occupation 20 All level SUV In the market situation . now , China's independent brands have made continuous efforts , Launched one new product after another , With super high appearance 、 Advanced technology 、 Excellent cost performance and superior spatial performance , Give Way SUV The market has changed . This star crossing L Competition with mocha two models , It can be said to be a contest between the strong . The more stars L The design of is outstanding , Power system is a famous school , You can also buy a 4WD version at the same price , Suitable for performance oriented consumers . And mocha's space has more advantages , After the light mixing system is blessed , In terms of fuel economy, it will also be better than its competitors , Suitable for people who care about their families . Last , I can only say , Both models are excellent products , Choose according to your own needs .

The more stars L Contrast Mocha : Space & power

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