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These SUVs are a little big. You have to bear it when you take the path

2021-08-27 20:52:35 SUV master

For most male consumers ,“ Big ” and “ good ” Almost equal sign . The size of the car is big , On the one hand, it provides sufficient riding space for the interior of the carriage ; On the other hand , The tall car body also creates a masculine and domineering image for car owners , It can be said to be a double shot . But the advantages are , But too large body size will be a little clumsy when walking on narrow roads and congested roads , It really needs owners to bear it .

But on the whole , Larger models are still flawed , As long as the budget is adequate , Most consumers will try their best to choose larger models . Now let's see which sizes are big enough , Can show domineering SUV. Even if you don't buy it , Let's set a small goal .

Lincoln navigator

Official guided price :109.8-129.8 Ten thousand yuan

Body size :5355(5657)*2073*1937mm

The pilot was Lincoln's flagship SUV, Never let the master down in size . The new model has launched the navigator L models , The length of the car body is lengthened on the basis of the original pilot 304mm, The length of the model has reached an amazing 5657mm. Longer body and wheelbase performance , Make the interior space of the car icing on the cake . But they have come to the big SUV Level up , The extra size may not be so easily perceived by consumers , The main difference is the inner feeling .

It's worth mentioning , Lincoln is a Native American model , I have a lot of experience in creating the domineering feeling of large cars . Large headlamp module , Although not using too many sharp design lines , But the look remains as fierce as it should be . What's more eye-catching is the huge chrome plated air inlet grille in the center , With the embellishment of Lincoln's logo , Full of luxury .

The body side , Due to the huge body , Even without too many lines , Just a simple smooth design with chrome decoration , Can shape a gas field .

Inside the car , Different from German luxury brands , Lincoln didn't use too much fancy ornaments , American models pay more attention to good materials . Solid wood 、 leather 、 Selection of chrome plated decorative parts and other materials , Naturally . In large size + Under the combination of good materials , The luxury inside the Lincoln Navigator's cabin can be seen and felt .

motivation , Lincoln pilots are all carrying 3.5T Twin turbocharged engines , Maximum output 285kW, Peak torque 680Nm, And what matches that is 10 Speed automatic transmission , And match a 4WD system .


Official guided price :100-178.8 Ten thousand yuan

Body size :5163*2000*1835mm

SUV The tip of the pyramid , There is no doubt that it will be curinan of Rolls Royce , But its high price discourages most consumers . But smart consumers can look at BMW, which is most closely related to it X7. BMW is building its flagship SUV In this matter, it can be said that we are constantly breaking through ourselves , From the initial X5, Later, there was a sliding back shape X6. but X6 Younger sports design , It does not conform to the aesthetic standards of the main consumer groups in this market segment , Until BMW X7 The arrival of the , BMW finally finished laying SUV A complete lineup of products , Also alleviated X6 The dilemma of .

Smaller numbers than suffixes X5,X7 In body size 、 Interior decoration 、 No doubt the power allocation will be more awesome . Compared with the sliding back shape X6,X7 The more rigid design of the model is also more likely to be favored by mature and home consumers .

In terms of appearance , BMW X7 The larger double kidney grille in the front allows you to identify its flagship at once . besides , Long and narrow angel eye headlights on both sides 、 Rear L type LED Lamp with , Everything is the same as BMW , Highly recognizable .

The interior of the car continues the BMW family design ,Nappa Dermis and Alcantara The addition of materials , Open the gap between the positioning and people-friendly models . The addition of atmosphere lights and star tops , Also let this X7 The texture is more outstanding .

motivation , BMW X7 Provide 3.0T In line six cylinders and 4.4T V8 The engine has two types of power , The former's maximum power 250kW, Peak torque is 450Nm; The latter's maximum power 390kW, Peak torque is 750Nm. What matches them is 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

The red flag E-HS9

Official guided price :50.98-72.98 Ten thousand yuan

Body size :5209*2010*1731mm

The red flag E-HS9 It is affectionately called by netizens “ Kuri banner ”, It must be closely related to its domineering body design . Although the red flag E-HS9 It's a pure electric model , But there is no stopping it from adopting a huge intake grille design of fuel like vehicles .

In the giant “ inlet ” Grating and sides “ Slanted eyes ” Daytime running lights , There is indeed a trace of luxury SUV The smell of . With ordinary large SUV The difference is , The red flag E-HS9 On various flat design elements , More equipped with the central vertical red flag element , Let the red flag E-HS9 Your front face is not angry .

Inside the car , The red flag E-HS9 Full LCD instrument panel is adopted + Large size central control panel + Triple screen design of passenger seat display screen , Plus the air conditioning control touch screen under the central control , Make the interior of the car feel luxurious , Also has a good sense of Technology .

motivation , The red flag E-HS9 Double motor power is adopted , Two power versions are available . among , Comprehensive maximum power of front and rear motors of low power version 320kW, The peak torque is 600Nm,NEDC Mileage to 460km; The maximum output power of the power version of the high-power version is 405kW, Peak torque 750Nm, Mileage to 510km.


From the above three models, we can see , Various national brands are building large-scale enterprises SUV There are different emphases when designing different models . Traditional American brands , Pay more attention to the kindness of carriage materials ; German brands that pay attention to inheritance , Adopt more family design elements ; An independent brand to realize overtaking on curves , More scientific and technological elements are applied to the model .

Although these models come in different shapes , But they all have larger body sizes than most models on the road . If you have enough budget , Agree again “ Take greatness as beauty ” The aesthetic concept of , Just bear the inconvenience of passing through narrow roads , It really deserves special attention .

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