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Gaohe automobile joins hands with Dow to launch new silicone materials: hiphi x is a small step and a big step in the industry

2021-08-27 20:52:40 Ox cart net

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Subversion is like Gaohe car , Hands on leather seats .

Different from the previous brain burning “ Sanzhi ” Concept or cool and advanced black technology demonstration ,2021 year 8 month 21 Japan , Chinese express held the most special press conference . There is no exquisite activity site , No stars , There is no large-scale invitation to the media , But it's heavy enough .

Coordinate: Shanghai Jinqiao Gaohe automobile service center , Chinese express and Dow jointly announced , The world's first high-end vehicle approved for automotive interior decoration LUXSENSE️ Silicone leather has been mass produced , And take the lead in applying it to Gaohe HiPhi X On .

The main character of the press conference is this, which is called “LUXSENSE️ organosilicon ” Leather , It has been three years between Chinese express and Dow , An innovative material developed jointly , It can replace leather , Provide users with more safety than leather 、 Environmental protection 、 Kiss the skin 、 New choice of luxury interior .

as everyone knows , Leather is a necessary raw material for automotive interior design , In particular, it is widely used to wrap seats , The more high-end the model , The more picky you are about leather . generally speaking , Mark leather for leather seats , All from cowhide , Leather seats are very picky about leather .

As we all know NAPPA Take dermis as an example , To select 3-5 Year old bull A The first layer of skin , When selecting the skin source , Yes, scars 、 Defects and even mosquito bites must be strictly selected , The selection rate is super low . There is data showing ,“100 In a piece of cowhide , Only 1-2 Zhang qualified ”, And in Rolls Royce 、 Leather on ultra luxury brands such as Bentley , The choice of raw materials will be more demanding . therefore , Leather seats are inevitably criticized by environmentalists or other animal friendly people .

As Ding Lei, founder of Chinese express Gaohe automobile, said at the press conference ,“ Today's products , It seems to be the innovation of high-tech materials , But it is a great leap forward for our industry and human civilization , It will contribute to a more harmonious coexistence between man and nature .”

above , This is the original intention of Chinese express and Dow to create new silicone materials , Provide users with safety and environmental protection 、 A new choice of luxurious interior with skin friendly luxury , Upgrade to TECHLUXE Technology luxury sensory experience , In order to establish a new energy intelligent vehicle health 、 Luxurious 、 A new benchmark for Sustainability ,“LUXSENSE️ organosilicon ” Leather came into being .

“LUXSENSE️ organosilicon ” Leather in wear resistance 、 Aging resistance 、 Antifouling property 、 It has advantages in flame retardancy , Anti fold 、 Easy to clean , And does not contain harmful solvents and plasticizers , Tasteless and nonvolatile , Better than leather ( The leather inside the car has to be chemically treated ) Safer and healthier 、 Low carbon environmental protection .

Why did Dow choose just established 4 Gaohe car in , Instead of some other larger mainframe factory , To jointly release such a subversive silicone leather ?

Actually , To be more precise , It was Ding Lei of Chinese express who actively promoted the landing of this vehicle specification grade silicone leather ,“ The comprehensive cooperation between Chinese express and dow , It breaks the traditional single cooperation mode between traditional automobile factories and parts suppliers and raw material enterprises , Start directly from upstream material R & D , Create a low-carbon and environment-friendly future for users with the world's leading technology .”

Usually under the process , Dow wants to promote the implementation of a new automobile material , Inevitably with Tier 1 or Tier 2 R & D cooperation , It is difficult to directly connect with the main engine plant to promote the project . To some extent , It is a flexible mechanism for Chinese express startups , Promote the landing of this subversive product .

It is reported that , Chinese express and Dow jointly promote the research and development of innovative materials 12 Many items , There are 8 Item landing , Except silicone leather , It also includes acoustic foam 、 new type TC Series of innovative achievements such as battery thermal conductive materials . among , Acoustic foam especially for high HiPhi X The feature design of the whole vehicle cavity shall be filled , It can block the sound cavity ,100% eliminate NVH Acoustic cavity resonance ; new type TC The density of series battery thermal conductive materials is lower than that of conventional thermal conductive pads 20% about , At the same time, it meets the requirements of high thermal conductivity and lightweight , Improve the fire and flame resistance of battery pack .

Gaohe automobile will 9 Officially open in June LUXSENSE️ Fabric selection of light color interior of silicone leather , At present, the official has not disclosed the specific matching price , But Ding Lei made it clear , Trying to reduce costs , I believe that the price after mass production and the advantages provided by new materials , It's a perfect match .

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