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With AI intelligent blessing, can Haval beast become the next popular model?

2021-08-27 20:52:45 Ox cart net

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When SUV It has become a red sea , The harvard SUV On what to secure your position ?

In the big dog 、 The first love 、 After the red rabbits came out one after another , Another model with a new naming method is about to meet us , The name of this new car is Harvard beast . And this article , Let's take a look at the highlights of this new car .

# New car static analysis

As a new work of lemon platform and coffee intelligence , Technology has been added to the new model of this car 、 intelligence 、AI label . More Than This , In terms of appearance, Haval beast also subverts the previous Haval SUV The style of , Highly restored Shanghai Auto Show XY Modeling design of concept car .

In the front part of the vehicle, Haval beast adopts a through lamp belt with a large air inlet grille design , The dense horizontal trim inside makes the front face look extra full , This also makes the whole front part of the line more aggressive .

In terms of intelligent driving assistance system , The Harper beast is equipped with 17 Satellite radar 、9 A HD camera , The furthest detection range of the front radar 180 rice , The furthest detection distance of the camera 220 rice , With more powerful hardware configuration, the strength of the vehicle in automatic assisted driving can not be underestimated . Of course, all this remains on the book data , In the later test drive, we will also bring you more detailed field experience .

Haval beast is still positioned as a compact SUV, Its length, width and height are respectively 4781/1890/1675 mm , The wheelbase is 2800 mm , Compared to Harvard H6 The size of the is bigger . In terms of design , Haval beast has designed more sharp lines on the side of the car body , Make the side of the whole vehicle more dynamic . In terms of tires , The real shooting model adopts GUPT brand tires , The specification is 235/55 R19.

γ The shape of the tail light makes the whole rear of the car look young and full , Compared with most models at this stage , Such a design is also quite recognizable . And in the whole rear design , The edges and lines caused by many concave and convex and the tail diffuser with great sports properties make the whole rear of the car have a very strong visual impact .

As a product of coffee intelligent platform , The overall interior design of Haval beast also gives us a new feeling . stay 12.3 And 14.6 Under the blessing of inch double large screen , Further enhance the sense of science and technology of the interior .

The grip and leather of the new steering wheel are quite good , The design of left and right function keys is more reasonable , The paddles for autopilot assist adjustment are not integrated into the steering wheel , It is independently designed on the paddle behind the steering wheel .

The biggest difference between the divine beast and the previous Haval models comes from the design of huaidang , thus , It also further improves the space of the central control area .

12.3 Inch full LCD instrument supports personalized customization , The display effect and content are no less than the new power brand with intelligence as the main label . Besides , The new car is also equipped with 25 Inch HUD Looked up and show , In the follow-up test drive, we will also bring you a more detailed experience .

14.6 The inch central control screen has a very clear display effect , And it also has a very powerful performance in the functional part , For example, all kinds of popular software are equipped with , Configuration , It also has a gesture interactive magic experience , That is, adjust the air conditioner through gestures 、 Atmosphere lamp 、 The camera inside the car can take pictures and other functions .

The real model adopts black and orange seats , A large area of rhombic cortex is used to wrap . Another car in this real shooting activity adopted Alcantara Seats spliced with leather , Its filler and leather materials can reach the leading level at the same level , The overall ride comfort is also excellent .

In terms of motivation , The Harper beast will carry 1.5T The engine and 2.0T The engine , among 1.5T The maximum power of the engine 135 kw , Peak torque 275 cattle · rice ;2.0T The maximum power of the engine 165 kw 、 Peak torque 345 cattle · rice .

In addition to the above powertrain , Haval beast will also launch lemon hybrid DHT technology HEV Mix and move PHEV Plug in hybrid , Among them, the hybrid model is equipped with 1.5T The engine Combination of two motors , The comprehensive maximum output power of the powertrain can reach 179 kw 、 Peak torque is 530 cattle · rice , The official declared that full fuel continued to reach 1000 km ,PHEV Plug in hybrid version provides pure electricity 80 Km and 140 The endurance of the kilometer .

# At the end

On the beast of Harvard , We saw Harvard SUV New changes in the new era . With the joint support of diversified powertrain and intelligent scientific and technological configuration , The new upward force of divine beast or Harvard brand . How about the dynamic performance and price of the new car , Please pay attention to our follow-up report .

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