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Chang'an Automobile's high-end new energy brand was introduced into war investment, and Huawei was busy refuting rumors

2021-08-27 20:52:50 Ox cart net

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Changan Automobile's long-awaited high-end intelligent new energy brand has finally made new progress .

According to the latest announcement , Avita technology, a subsidiary of Chang'an Automobile Holding Co., Ltd ( Chongqing ) The company plans to increase capital and shares through public listing in Chongqing United equity exchange , introduce 2 Home to 5 Investors , At the same time, the company will pay the same price 、 Participate in this capital increase in the form of non-public agreement .

According to the data of Enterprise Investigation , Avita technology was formerly known as Chang'an Weilai New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd , Chang'an Automobile joined hands to build a new force, Weilai automobile , We will jointly build a high-end smart new energy brand ( Internal code “AB brand ”), The shareholding ratio of both parties is equal . However, after a series of equity changes and capital increase , The influence of Weilai automobile is gradually weakening , The proportion of Changan Automobile increased to 95%.

Chang'an auto said , Avita technology will be fully market-oriented 、 Operate independently 、 Independent development , And with Huawei 、 Ningde times, etc. to create a series of intelligent automobile products . According to the plan , The newly introduced war investment will increase its capital and shares in the form of monetary funds , After the share expansion, the original shareholders of avita technology hold no less than 39%.

The content of the capital increase project shows , The intended investors are divided into strategic investors and financial investors , The former should be a leading enterprise in the field of intelligent networking or new energy , Focus on the main business , And there is no business competition with the capital increase enterprise ; Financial investors should have strong investment experience in new energy intelligent networked automobile industry chain , Investment cases shall not be less than 3 individual .

Some insiders said , Huawei and Ningde times are expected to take this opportunity to enter the game . But soon , Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. issued a statement through its official microblog , He said there were media reports recently “ Huawei is the first automobile company to participate in the stock market ” It's not true , Reaffirm “ So far, it has not invested in any car companies . We will not invest in any car companies in the future , And will not control 、 Equity participation ” Point of view . Huawei has accumulated 30 Years of ICT Technical ability , We will still be committed to helping car companies build cars for the future , That is, provide Huawei based services ICT Ability of intelligent networked automotive components .

Recently , Usually marked with “ Huawei concept ” Free ride car companies , The performance in the capital market is indomitable , But Huawei remains firm , Not for the car companies “ Capital story ” Check . Chang'an automobile has been developing since this year 4 In June, the Shanghai auto show announced the joint venture with Huawei 、 After Ningde era jointly builds high-end intelligent electric vehicles ,AB The brand always “ You cover your face with a lute ”, Not much new news came out , Huawei's rumor this time , It may also be a good thing for Chang'an Automobile ,AB Whether the brand can withstand the test of the market , Success or failure depends on it .

since 2011 First step into the field of new energy vehicles at an annual rate , Chang'an automobile has been deeply cultivated for ten years now , But the previous new energy strategy “ shangri-la ” The plan did not bring too much revenue to Chang'an Automobile , Its “2020 In, three new energy special platforms were built 、 Annual sales reached 35 Thousands of cars ” And other goals have not been achieved ,“ shangri-la ” Wild hope broken halberd Chang'an .

Public data display ,2020 year , Changan new energy sells new cars 1.83 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 35%, The share of sales is only 1.9%. And at the same time “ Independent three strong ” Great Wall motor 、 Geely , New energy sales reached 5.63 Thousands of cars and 6.8 Thousands of cars , Less than , But compared with Chang'an Automobile, it is more than enough , The proportion of sales volume also exceeds 5%, Successfully equal the passing line of the proportion of domestic new energy vehicle sales .

“ Huawei concept ” It's not a panacea to save car companies , China automobile terminal retail data display , Wear “ Huawei halo ” SELIS Huawei smart choice SF5, since 5 It has been officially delivered since January , Cumulative sales have just exceeded 2000 car , The average monthly sales volume is less than four digits ; The sales data of BAIC new energy in the first half of the year show that , Alpha the fox T And alpha S The cumulative sales volume is 700 Vehicles and 467 car , Despite the extreme fox alpha S Huawei HI The version of the model should be up to 2022 Delivery will not begin until , But the two models mentioned above , Especially in the new car effect period of extreme fox alpha S, Obviously, there has been no significant improvement .

About “ Huawei concept car ” Repeated setbacks , Professor Ji Xuehong, director of the automotive industry innovation research center of the Northern University of technology, told chinachinaox , In terms of Huawei's current market influence , The terminal sales data does not fully represent the real needs of consumers ,“ transboundary ” Huawei, which sells cars, is still in the water test stage , Not fully released scheduling . But there's no denying it , As a commodity related to the life safety of consumers , Whether in terms of performance or pricing , Make consumers' choices more rational , We can't exaggerate the role of halo , But there is no need to completely deny . The market still needs to be patient with new brands , After the test of time and market , Maybe the market will glow with new vitality .

# At the end

Passing polar fox 、 Lessons learned by Thales and others ,AB Maybe the brand should be more sober , Since the announcement of cooperation with Huawei , The share price of Chang'an automobile has soared in half a year 50%, How to make the new brand deserve such an increase , It's time for Changan Automobile to start working .

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