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How does an electric car define luxury? Test drive Mercedes Benz EQC

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As the first mass production pure electric car of Mercedes Benz SUV, Mercedes EQC The arrival of is a new starting point , Maybe its impact on us is not as good as EQS So violent , But are you as curious as I am , What tricks can the new power form play in the hands of the car inventor , What is the strength of this electric pioneer ? Now follow me to learn .

The driving experience is very traditional

Considering that this car has been on the market for a long time , I believe everyone has seen a lot on the road , So let's go beyond the exterior and interior , Go straight to the most important part —— Drive .

The first thing to know is this , Mercedes EQC The platform is dedicated to electric vehicles MEA platform , However, this platform is based on Mercedes Benz rear drive fuel vehicles MRA From the transformation of the platform , The direct point is to change oil to electricity . Of course, there's nothing to hide , After all, according to Mercedes Benz's electric vehicle development blueprint ,EQA、EQB And EQC They are all products developed based on the fuel vehicle platform in the first stage , and EQS And other models are the beginning of the second phase of Mercedes Benz's electrification plan .

This test drive EQC 400 4MATIC The model adopts double motor four-wheel drive structure , The maximum power on board is 300kW The motor of , Peak torque 730 cattle · rice ,0-100km/h Acceleration time is 5.1 second . Many friends feel 5.1 The 100 kilometer acceleration in seconds sounds like that , But the actual performance is still more convincing than the figures , At an hour 70 km / Under hours , As long as you press the switch to the bottom ,EQC You can press the back of your head on the headrest at any time . Of course , This process lasts about three seconds , near 2.5 Tons of weight makes EQC The rear acceleration ability is slightly weak .

A lot of people “ Oil to electricity ” Sniff at , They prefer to pursue new things , Especially for electric vehicles , I hope to have a different feeling . however , You can say that changing oil to electricity doesn't bring the freshness you want , But that doesn't mean it's not good enough . contrary ,EQC It creates the same driving experience as the fuel car , Let consumers switch seamlessly , Quietly feel the advent of the electric age .

Intuitive to see , Mercedes EQC The driving style of tends to be relaxed and comfortable , The brakes are very soft and fairly uniform , The throttle is also a slightly lazy adjustment , The acceleration and deceleration process is well controlled , If you usually drive a fuel car , Then switch to Mercedes Benz EQC There will be no sense of disobedience .

Mercedes EQC Our chassis is also oriented towards comfort , Although the heavy feeling brought by the vehicle weight can be obviously felt when crossing the ridge , But the handling of road bumps is quite appropriate , Hard with some toughness , somewhat Q The feeling of playing , Plus good sound insulation and noise reduction level , The quality of the ride was highly praised . Just because the center of gravity is high ,EQC The roll when making a big turn is still a little big .

The endurance is really Mercedes Benz EQC The short board , Although we have not measured it , But only from the data , Leave it to you EQC How to save electricity ,415km The mileage of MIIT is obviously out of touch with the times . therefore , Mercedes EQC Can be competent for the family's second or third city commuter , It's not appropriate to use it as the only car in the family .

As for the driving assistance system that electric vehicle consumers value very much , Mercedes EQC It is also relatively perfect . Although the hardware and software are still the same configuration as two years ago , But the comprehensive strength is still not out of date , By current industry standards ,L2 Various functions of level assisted driving EQC From soup to nuts , Following the car and changing lanes with lights are more natural , When driving in the middle of the lane line, although the steering wheel correction is a little more , But the feeling is smooth and gentle , No discomfort , You can give a passing score .

Lack of novelty in appearance

Now let's talk about Mercedes Benz EQC The appearance of doesn't really make much sense , After all, this is an old car that has been available for two years , But for Mercedes Benz's first pure electric model , I do have some opinions of my own . Since it is “ The first ”, Then it should show the meaning of innovation , But actually , Mercedes EQC It's really more like an electric version GLC.

As a new energy model , Mercedes EQC Must still feel different , The front enclosed grille and geometric multi beam headlights show a certain sense of science and Technology , The side AMG The style rim matches the color of spacetime silver , The full and heavy rear adopts a through lamp group , Unfortunately, the light group can't turn on or off , A little less . In addition, I need to mention , The Mercedes EQC From the height of the car body , The existence of the foot pedal is completely unnecessary , This actually increases the difficulty of getting on and off , It's true, it's a little redundant .

In terms of size , With BMW iX3 And Tesla Model Y By contrast , The size of the three cars is basically at the same level , Meet the requirements of medium-sized SUV The right performance .

The interior is still very fast

Pull the Mercedes EQC The door of , A wave of “ Mercedes ” The breath of came to my face , The first visual effect is still gorgeous , Thanks to a new generation of design languages , Mercedes EQC Compared with GLC More scientific and technological , This is also one of the most obvious differences between the two . And it's new S Class interior layout , I personally like this style .

Of course , In order to show its identity as a new energy , Mercedes EQC Still trying to make some differences , The style of air conditioning outlet is more novel , It is also decorated with rose gold , And the carriage also uses a lot of environmentally friendly recyclable materials . While showing the sense of technology, the luxury atmosphere has not fallen , Metal buttons and trim panels match well with a large number of leather , The center of the seat is also made of suede ,8000 The optional sound of Berlin is even more full , Fully meet or even exceed the level of this price .

10.25 Inch full LCD Meter and 10.25 Inch central control screen for Mercedes Benz EQC It's really not big for this size , But it's better to use , Built in MBUX The system has good fluency , But some functions are hidden deeply , We need to study and explore .

Although the steering wheel is not the latest style , But the functionality and ease of operation are also very powerful , The left key controls the instrument panel , The right side controls the central control multimedia system , Besides , The central control screen can also be operated through the touch screen , Or through the... Below COMMAND Control the operation area .

Mercedes EQC The comfort configuration is also up to standard , Don't talk about the electric adjustment of the seat , Front seat heating and massage also have ( Seat massage needs 5500 Yuan option ), The driver's seat is also equipped with seat memory , The steering wheel also supports four-way electric adjustment , In addition, the rear row also provides seat heating and independent air conditioning system , It's just that the shape of the air conditioning outlet in the rear row is different from that in the front row , A little split .

In space , height 176cm The experimenter can get one punch and two fingers head space after adjusting the front seat to the lowest , Keep the front seats unchanged , The experimenter also has a head space of one punch and two fingers in the back , The leg margin is close to three punches .

The Mercedes EQC medium SUV In terms of size , Its rear row is qualified in both head and leg space , In addition, the rear seat supports 4-2-4 Scale down , But the uplift of the rear central platform also exposed its identity of changing oil to electricity .

summary : Traditional automobile manufacturers seem to like to make electric vehicles infinitely close to fuel vehicles , I hope you can better adapt to this process of change , But this runs counter to the perception of many consumers , After all, when people buy electric cars, they just want to be fresh , The freshness is gone , Natural attraction is much less .

But you have to say that traditional carmakers lag behind , I don't agree with that . Take this Mercedes EQC Come on , Whether it's dynamic or static , All showed excellent overall performance , Moreover, the intelligent experience and configuration are not much different from those electric vehicles of new power brands , Even better in driving , Maybe it lacks some technical features , But as a pragmatic electric car ,EQC It's qualified . therefore , Not so much backward , Actually “ conservative ” The word is more suitable for .

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