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How does BYD make the charging speed of blade battery faster than that of ternary lithium battery?

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Byd han 2021 year 7 Monthly sales reached 8522 car , Year on year growth 607%, Maintain a steady growth trend . from 2020 year 7 Month to month 2021 year 7 End of month , The cumulative sales volume of byadihan on the first anniversary of its listing has exceeded 10 Thousands of cars , achieve 101309 car , It is a Chinese brand of medium and high-end new energy vehicles Top1 And Chinese brand medium and large car market Top1, This is an important achievement of BYD's high-end strategy .

Byadhan is selling more than 10 Wan Zhiji , han EV Push the standard endurance luxury model , It has been listed recently , New models NEDC The driving range of pure electricity under comprehensive working conditions is up to 506 km , Price after comprehensive subsidy 20.98 Ten thousand yuan .

The blade battery acts as a battery EV One of the core components , What are the technical advantages in charging ?

High peak charging power does not mean fast charging speed

When the electric car is charging , We tend to focus on the charging power of the vehicle , Because the charging power directly determines the charging efficiency , But the charging power here is not the maximum charging power , It should be the average charging power .

At present, many overcharge technologies , It is claimed that the charging power can reach 250kW, Even higher . But in actual use, you will find , firstly , Must rely on a dedicated super charging pile , To achieve overcharge , Use other charging piles , It is difficult to reach the peak output power close to the charging pile for charging , Charging power is greatly reduced ; second , Even if there are overcharged piles , The time to really reach peak power is only a few minutes , Then the power will drop very quickly , The actual charging speed is not ideal .

Byadihan with blade battery EV models , As long as the charging point supports , The vehicle can realize fast charging . The charging power will maintain a relatively stable state , At the same time, it can basically reach the maximum output power of the charging pile , The maintenance time of high-power charging can be basically up to 90% The electricity . Why do people think of the ternary lithium battery with fast charging speed , In actual charging, it is not as good as blade battery ?

Based on the development experience of power battery , Formulate scientific charging strategy

According to the power calculation formula P=UI, At the same power , High charging voltage , The corresponding charging current will decrease . And under Joule's law , High current charging , It is bound to produce a lot of heat , Charging loss will also increase , And the greater the current charging, the greater the damage to the battery . In addition, the ternary material itself is not resistant to high temperature , So we need high-power charging , The problem of heat dissipation needs to be solved , Otherwise, it is easy to get out of control .

BYD blade battery is used as the power battery of lithium iron phosphate system , The high temperature resistance of the material itself is up to 500℃, More ternary materials 200℃ It has a huge advantage . meanwhile , BYD has always adopted high-voltage charging scheme , Reduce heat production and loss , Improve charging efficiency , And protect the battery . BYD's advanced battery thermal management system , The blade battery can maintain high-power charging for a long time , Finally, Han EV Charge 10 minute 、 Maximum driving speed 135km.

No modular design , The layout is neat and uniform , Improve thermal management efficiency

The blade battery has a long blade like appearance , The battery pack adopts non modular design , The battery directly forms the battery pack , So that it can be evenly arranged in the battery pack , And the battery dissipates heat from liquid cooling U Type pipe to liquid cooling panel , More uniform heat dissipation , better , Its heat dissipation area is larger than that of traditional batteries , Reduce heat build-up . For battery thermal management system , The cell temperature inside the battery pack is more consistent , The heat management system has higher heat exchange capacity , It can always keep the cell in the optimal operating temperature range . Therefore, it is ensured that the blade battery can be charged with high power for a long time , The heat generated by the battery can be released in time , Avoid the impact of excessive battery temperature on battery safety performance 、 Service life, etc .

BYD blade battery redefines the safety standard of power battery for new energy vehicles , It also has super strength 、 Super endurance 、 Super life and super power , This is biadihan EV The cornerstone of continuous sales leadership .

recently , BYD car pushes the standard endurance version of luxury car equipped with blade battery EV,NEDC Endurance mileage under comprehensive working condition 506km, Price after subsidy 20.98 Ten thousand yuan ,9 Delivery from June . China's high-end new energy cars represented by BYD , Never afraid of foreign competition , Is accelerating into mainstream families .

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