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Extreme fox alpha s starts from 251900 yuan, with a maximum of 708km, ultra long true life and luxury pure electric vehicle

2021-08-27 21:01:04 Hong Tao said car

In recent years , The new power of making cars in our country has risen , The new energy vehicles are not inferior to foreign brands in technology , Coupled with lower selling price and higher configuration , More and more recognized by the majority of consumers , Today, let's talk about a luxury pure electric car , Strength cannot be underestimated , It is -- Alpha the fox S, See if it's your favorite car .

Polar fox , It is a brand-new high-end brand under BAIC new energy , And the polar fox alpha S Positioning is a medium and large pure electric car , The price range after subsidy is 25.19-34.49 Ten thousand yuan , Dare to enter the high-end market , There must be some confidence , Let's take a look at the extreme fox alpha S How do you perform in all aspects of ?

aesthetic , Alpha the fox S The front of the car is wide , The front face is adopted “X” Radial design style , It looks very smart , Especially matrix LED The interior structure of the headlamp is very attentive , Integrated turn signal and daytime running lights , When lit, the effect is outstanding , There are also intelligent and humanized designs such as automatic avoidance when driving high beam .

In terms of size , Alpha the fox S The length, width and height of the whole vehicle have reached 4930*1940*1599mm, Wheelbase reached 2915mm, Such a figure has advantages in the same level , Wherever you park , Have a good sense of existence , Although it is positioned as a medium and large luxury pure electric car , But from the side , It has a good cross-border style , More like cars and SUV The combination of .

Two color body 、 Hidden door handles are very popular design methods at present , Improved polar fox alpha S Grade , The tail shape is also very characteristic , The upturned duck tail adds a sense of movement , A through tail lamp is used , Bend both sides inward , Like a boomerang ,LED The light source is very beautiful , People can't help looking more .

The interior is simple , console 、 Soft material covering and leather wrapping are used for doors and other positions , It is also equipped with metal wire drawing panel and black piano baking paint trim board , The workmanship is also more refined than many products of the same level , There is plenty of storage space in the front row , mobile phone 、 Water cups, paper towels and other commonly used things , It's easy to find a suitable storage location .

12.3 Inch LCD instrument , The picture is clear and delicate , It can display rich vehicle information , Ask if the large central control screen has ? This is a must !20.3 The resolution of inch touch LCD screen has reached 4K Level , The surface is anti glare 、 Anti reflection treatment , Support CarPlay and CarLife interconnection 、 Voice recognition control 、 Car networking 、OTA Upgrade, etc. , In addition, reversing radar 、 Reversing image 、 Full speed adaptive cruise 、 Automatic parking 、 Hill auxiliary 、 Slow down the steep slopes 、 Electric rear compartment 、 Keyless entry and start 、 Remote start 、 Front row mobile phones are equipped with wireless charging and other functions , High configuration models also have front parking radar 、360 Degree panoramic image 、 Reverse vehicle side warning 、 Automatic parking 、 Built in dash cam, etc , The configuration is very rich .

Today's consumers pay great attention to the safety of a car , And the polar fox alpha S The upper steel and lower aluminum hybrid body is adopted , It is used in many invisible places 1500 MPA hot formed steel , In addition, the security configuration is complete , Even if you buy an entry-level version , Both have primary and passenger seat airbags 、 Front side balloon 、 Front rear head air curtain 、 Tire pressure display 、ESP Body stabilization system 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Active braking, etc .

The space performance is satisfactory , height 1.76 Meters of passengers sit in the back , There's plenty of headroom and legroom , The seat filler is quite sufficient , The cushion is long , It can support the body and thigh well , The hatchback tailgate has a large opening , It is not easy to bump into the pit when taking large luggage , The interior of the luggage compartment is deep and flat , If you put the rear seats down , Very practical .

Alpha the fox S A single motor is provided ( Two flooding ) And dual motor ( all-wheel-drive ) Two models , The motor power of the two-wheel drive version is 160kW, The maximum torque is 360N·m, The total power of 4WD motor is 320kW, The total torque is 720N·m, The car has 525km、603km as well as NEDC 708km Super long true endurance , And the fast charging time is only 0.5 and 0.6 Hours , In addition, endurance 603km 4WD version of , The acceleration time of 100 kilometers is only 4.2 second .

Chassis , Alpha the fox S Adopted the former McPherson 、 Rear multi-link independent suspension , I usually drive in the city , It's quiet in the car , The chassis can also filter out most of the bumps on the road , When turning and merging , The suspension can support the car body well , Ensure ride comfort , At the same time, driving will not be dull .

in general , Alpha the fox S Our overall strength is very strong , With a cross-border style , Rich configuration , Spacious space and good range , It has certain competitiveness in the face of models of the same level , For consumers who want to buy pure electric cars at this price , It's worth considering .

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