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The new generation Qijun is listed and sold in Guangzhou for RMB 181900-262900

2021-08-27 21:02:04 Pacific automobile network

V-Motion 3.0 Design language

Fully improved interior / Super smart car system

The interior has changed a lot , More solid materials for workmanship , And double 12.3 Inch LCD screen improves the scientific and technological texture of the center console , also HUD Head up display size 10.8 Inch , It is very helpful for the driver to read the information . besides ,L2 Level driving assistance is also optimized , The functions of automatic deceleration on downhill and automatic avoidance of passing vehicles in lane are added , The system is responsive and intelligent .

The new generation Qijun has super large three screen linkage ability , The utility model comprises a liquid crystal instrument panel and a central control screen, which are formed into a double-layer structure 12.3 Inch screen , collocation 10.8 Inch HUD Head up display system . It is worth mentioning that , The driver and passengers in the car can choose the interaction mode of the three screens without burden , Whether it's instruments 、 central 、HUD, There is enough display area for users to operate calmly .

The upgraded Nissan is embedded in the car Connect Super Zhilian system ,UI The interface is simple and unconventional , High touch fluency , And after clicking the function interface, the system responds quickly , Almost imperceptible hysteresis . In addition to the general functions , The system also has navigation 、 Voice commands 、 Car home interconnection and vehicle KTV Wait for the more fashionable functions at present , It's very easy for young consumers to get started .

in addition , With the high bandwidth given by the new platform CAN FD Bus , The Internet of vehicles system is upgraded to NissanConnect Super Zhilian 2.0, Car home connectivity becomes easy and accessible . With the development of networking, a new generation of Qijun has officially crossed the gap between traditional cars and the younger generation of new car making forces , Also for the future “ Everything in the car ” Laid the foundation .

In terms of ride comfort, it still inherits Nissan's praised ability for many years , This set is officially called “Multi-Layer” Ergonomic seats , The padding in the front row is solid , The support and wrapping are also in place , In terms of configuration, it supports electric adjustment and seat heating functions , The driver also has lumbar support .

The comfort of the rear row seats really feels like a Japanese sofa , The cushion is soft and hard, which is superior to the front seat , Both the cushion and the angle are controlled very accurately , Long distance ride will also be more comfortable , Worthy of the name .

Driving experience , We have tested the new generation of Qijun , Its steering force is very friendly , Relatively soft , The strength adjustment is relatively moderate , There is no feeling of lightness , But it won't fall very much , The directivity and accuracy of the control are not sure at the same time , Generally speaking, the car is quite flexible , You will have more confidence in overtaking on the parallel line .

in addition ,NVH Quiet performance is still very reasonable , The speed exceeds 100km/h When driving at speed , There is no obvious noise interference in the car , And tire noise and wind noise are suppressed in a controllable range , Thanks to the family's latest active noise reduction technology , However, the drivers and passengers in the carriage are still more comfortable .

Second generation 4×4-i Intelligent full mode four-wheel drive system

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