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Euler's first compact SUV officially named cherry cat

2021-08-27 21:02:14 Pacific automobile network

The body side , It can be seen that the new car adopts an upward waist line design , Bring a certain sense of movement to the new car . Refer to Macchiato's body dimensions , The estimated body length of the new car may be 4520mm, The wheelbase is 2710mm.

interiors , The large suspended screen with very large central control size is very eye-catching , At the same time, you can see that the center console directly in front of the driver has HUD Head up display system . in addition , The car will also be equipped with coffee intelligent driving system , It is expected to provide better driving assistance .

Dynamic part , The two power versions of Euler cherry cat adopt single permanent magnet synchronous motor , The maximum endurance mileage of lithium iron phosphate battery is 470 km , The energy density of the battery is 145.1Wh/kg; The range of cobalt free lithium battery is 600 km , The energy density is 172.3Wh/kg.( writing : Pacific automotive network Liu Yunqing )

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