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Geely boyue family's new model name announced and named "Boyue X"

2021-08-27 21:02:18 Pacific automobile network

among X Represents the , New cars are inherent in boyue “ good-looking 、 Good open 、 Good intelligence ” Based on the car grid , Inject “Flux Energy storm 、Relax Enjoy freedom 、Outfox Outwit the future ” Of X New soul . This indicates that the new car will inherit the spirit naturally loved by the boyue family , and

From the declaration chart , The new car adopts a design language different from the current car models of Geely family , The overall visual effect is very radical . The specific term , The car adopts a large front grille , The interior shape creates X type , At the same time, on the Internet 、 in 、 The lower part is decorated with different shapes , Highly recognizable . The size of the air inlet in the fog lamp area is also large , And enhance the visual focus .

The side of the new car basically continues the design style of the current model , Including strong waistline and suspended roof design are retained . The rear side , The new car adopts a hidden exhaust pipe design , The decoration imitating exhaust is added, and the decoration can also choose its own color , This is also a relatively novel design . Besides , The new car can also provide a variety of rim shapes to choose from .

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