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Toyota Saina / domestic BMW X3, etc. 2021 Chengdu auto show new car spoiler

2021-08-27 21:02:34 Pacific automobile network

【 Pacific automotive network New car channel 】 When everyone thought that the Chengdu auto show would be postponed indefinitely , No one expected that it was only postponed for two days ,8 month 29 Opening day , While living up to your fans , It also made the media ready to work overtime ! The Chengdu auto show is still quite interesting , A little spoiler , For example, domestic Saina 、 changan UNI-V、 Led the g 05+ Wait for the debut of the new model , Plus domestic BMW X3、 Honda Alison 、 changan CS75 Plus And so on , It's something to look forward to !

GAC Toyota Saina

The new car looks good : be based on TNGA-K platform The selling price may be 27.68 ten thousand

Saina based TNGA-K Platform to build , The shape has changed dramatically compared with the old model ; The power is the same as the new Highlander 2.5L engine + Combination of two motors , The maximum integrated power of the system is 240PS.

It is reported that , GAC Toyota Saina will be implemented in Guangfeng San 、 Production in the fourth line plant , The annual planned capacity may exceed 10 Ten thousand units . And the previously exposed FAW Toyota SIENNA Will also be in 2021 In the fourth quarter of 2014, the supporting work of spare parts suppliers was carried out , And enter the stage of trial production , and 2022 After the official mass production and listing in the first quarter of , Planning production and sales 5320 car / month .

Refer to the models on sale in North America , appearance , new SIENNA It adopts the latest design concept of Toyota , Officials say its shape comes from Shinkansen, Japan “ Bullet trains ”, Therefore, the overall design is bold and radical , And shape multiple large faces “ muscle ”. On the front face , The lower grille has an unprecedented large area , Embedded honeycomb texture ( The ordinary version is designed with multiple horizontal bars ), Create a full sense of movement ; Irregular blades on both sides LED Headlamp unit , The shape is narrow and radical , And through a chrome plated trim strip “ lead a fast ” The outline of the shows incisively and vividly ; Besides , Huge air guide grooves are also arranged on both sides of the enclosure , The aerodynamic performance of the whole vehicle is effectively improved .

On the side , It seems that the designer intends to carry the radicalization to the end , Multiple lines move irregularly , Turn the original large-area and rigid side door into full of passion , Especially the one shaped below “ Crease ” Design , It's hard to believe that this is still a MPV. On the tail , Through the crisscross of multiple lines , Create a rich sense of hierarchy , Integrated spoiler above , The finishing touch ; Both sides LED The tail lamp group passes through LED The light band shows the outline , And cleverly extend the lamp foot , Integrated with the rear fender ; The lower tail bar echoes the front bar , Large area honeycomb medium mesh with blackened decoration , sporty .

Into the car , The interior has changed dramatically , Compared with the previous generation of models, there are qualitative changes , By using two-color materials for splicing , Create a full sense of luxury ; and 9 Inch suspended central control display +7 Inch LCD instrument combination , Give me a brand new SIENNA Injected more sense of Technology . In detail , The new car is cleverly hollowed out under the gear handle , Set aside considerable storage space , In addition, a wireless charging grid is also installed under the center console .

Interior parts , new SIENNA Adopted 2+3+3 The eight seat layout ( The domestic version will be changed to 2+2+3 The seven seat layout ), The second row of seats supports electric leg support , And can slide back and forth 635mm, To provide unprecedented leg space , Provide maximum comfort for passengers . Besides , The seats in the middle of the second row are designed independently , It can be stored at any time .

Comfort and configuration , The new car is equipped with left and right electric side sliding doors 、 Electric tail gate 、 Four zone independent automatic air conditioner 、 Car refrigerator 、 Steering wheel with heating function and electric adjustment 、 Digital rearview mirror and UUD Head up display system . And technology configuration , Provided by the whole vehicle 7 individual USB port 、 vehicle WIFI、12 The speaker JBL Premium Audio system 、HD Rear entertainment system 、 Vehicle support Android Auto、Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa And so on .

And in terms of security , new SIENNA The whole series is equipped with the second generation as standard ToyotaSafety Sense, The safety kit includes pedestrian detection / Pre collision system for low light level detection 、 Full speed range dynamic radar cruise control 、 Lane departure warning with steering assist 、 Lane tracking assistance 、 Automatic high beam and road sign AIDS . Besides , The whole department is also equipped with 10 airbag 、 With traction control (TRAC) Enhanced vehicle stability control (VSC)、 Electronic brake force distribution (EBD)、 Brake assist (BA)、 Anti-lock braking system (ABS) And intelligent parking technology ( SST).

Power on , Saina hybrid version will be equipped with the same hybrid powertrain as the new Highlander , namely 2.5L engine + Combination of two motors , The maximum integrated power of the system is 240PS, Have EV、ECO、NORMAIL、SPORT Four driving modes . Newly added “ Acceleration boot function ”, The acceleration level can be suggested to the driver according to the driving conditions , Instruct drivers to drive as economically as possible , Driving behavior can also be scored .

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With the new car coming late , In the face of GL8、 Odyssey, these MPV When the overlord , How much living space is left ? If the price of a new car starts from 27.68 Ten thousand words , The price is expected to increase 3 All start , Will it make some eager dads , Turned around and bought hanlanda .

New domestic BMW X3

The new car looks good : Appearance detail adjustment A new car M Obsidian night Kit

The new car has been officially launched before , Price range: 39.28-47.58 Ten thousand yuan . The appearance of the new car has been greatly adjusted , The double kidney shape not only provides chrome decoration , Also added a smoky style , The opening area is further increased ; The headlamp groups on both sides are also adjusted to the latest family design , The black lamp bottom is matched with a broken line LED Day light , The overall texture is full of ; The lower surround style is replaced with a sports kit , The original chrome plating is adjusted to the blackened style .

Besides , New BMW X3 For the first time M Yao night suit for users to choose , Make the whole vehicle more advanced and fashionable . Also available on the body color 6 Available in different colors , And black 、 Mocha 、 Volcanic red seat color .

And on the back of the car , The rear surround, like the front face, has been upgraded to a more radical design , At the same time, the tail lamp group has also been adjusted , Among them, the shape is more three-dimensional , And with a smoky style . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4737/1891/1689mm, The wheelbase 2864mm.

interiors , The new car is equipped with a new generation BMWiDrive7.0 Intelligent human-computer interaction system , Matching double 12.3 Inch screen , Bring a more intuitive interactive experience . The seat has a perforated design Sensatec 2.0 Wrapped in synthetic leather , Its touch is more delicate , With contrast stitches 、 Rhombic design and inductive atmosphere lamp , Create an exclusive atmosphere .

Intelligent configuration , The new car driving assistance system integrates forward collision warning 、 Emergency brake assist 、 Collision prevention system with lane deviation correction function and active cruise control system , And has traffic congestion assistance 、HUD Looked up and show 、 Keyless entry and other functions .

Power on , New BMW X3 Still carry 2.0T The engine , Depending on the training ,25i The model can output maximum power 135kW, Peak torque is 300N·m;30i The maximum output power of the model is 185kW, Peak torque is 350N·m, And what matches that is 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox .

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The overall visual experience of the new car is more radical , And joined M Yao night suit , As well as the large central control screen with upgraded size , It really attracts the attention of young consumers , Obviously, new cars and Mercedes Benz of the same level GLC L、 audi Q5L It's not the same route . And canceling 28i On the basis of , Reduce 30i The price of the car , The overall competitiveness has been improved .

A new generation of domestic Mercedes Benz C level

The new car looks good : Reduced version “S level ”  The logo version starts

The new car is based on the second generation longitudinal rear drive MRA2 Platform to build , In appearance, we will continue to provide the Standard Version ( China's special supply ) And large-scale version , The wheelbase of the car body is lengthened on the basis of the overseas version 89mm, Provide 1.5T+48V、2.0T+48V as well as PHEV Plug and mix and other hybrid assemblies .

The front face of the new car is more radical , Further increase in area , The horizontal visual feeling is more obvious , The internal chrome trim remains C Level consistent single banner + Full sky star design with Trident star mark element ( The label plate is a dense banner in the net ).

To the side , New Benz C level ( Asking for reserve price | Check the parameters ) The whole waistline is like flowing clouds , The proportion of long front and short rear body is appropriate , At the same time, the convex lines above the front wheel arch on the cash are cancelled , Further highlights the elegant body design .

For body data , New domestic Mercedes Benz C Level has been comprehensively improved , The wheelbase is increased compared with the overseas version 89mm achieve 2954mm, At the same time, it also brings more ample riding space .

New Benz C The class rear also follows the latest family design , And it retains the downward pressing style of each Mercedes Benz car , This design can not only reduce the visual center of gravity of the whole vehicle , At the same time also let C Class elegant aura gets better precipitation . The tail light groups on both sides seem to be brand new S Grade is the same ,“ Inverted triangle ” The shape is more slender and flat , And echo with the shape of the headlamp .

Into the car , The overall design is very different from cash , With the brand new “ modern ” Main design concept , Make it like a “ Small S level ”; The waterfall type central touch screen extends longitudinally from the center console , Become the protagonist of the new interior , And create a surrounding cabin space with a large area of wood grain instruments .

Go back to the locomotive system , New Benz C level ( Asking for reserve price | Check the parameters ) Equipped with S The second generation with the same level MBUX System ,12.3 The resolution of inch full LCD digital instrument has reached 2400*900, Excellent display effect ; And the function supports naked eyes 3D System , No need to wear 3D Glasses can achieve 3D effect . On the other side 11.9 Inch center control large screen , The whole interaction mode cancels the traditional physical keys , Instead, it adopts full touch operation similar to full screen tablet .

Dynamic part , The new car offers 3 An engine , Among them are mainly 1.5T and 2.0T Turbocharged engine , All match EQ Boost 48V Light mixing technology , Therefore, the comprehensive power is enhanced 15kW(20PS), Peak torque increase 250N·m. At the same time, the three power assemblies are matched 9 Speed automatic transmission (9G-TRONIC).

M254 The engine has an in-line four cylinder layout and is equipped with a turbocharger , yes M264 Successor , It can be regarded simply and rudely as M256 The engine (L6) Two cylinders are missing . The same as before ,M254 Provide 1.5T and 2.0T Two versions .M254 The core upgrade is the realization of full mixing , Equipped by ISG( Integrated startup / All in one generator ) Supported by 48V MHEV Light mixed system .

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The overall feeling of the new car is that it is a car “ Small S”, The appearance and interior design are the latest design language , stay S It may not be acceptable at the level , But in c But it's just right , It is expected that the price of the new car will not be cheap .

changan UNI-V

The new car looks good : Sedan car body Equipped with electric lifting tail

The car as UNI The first car in the series , Its sliding back body presents a low lying posture , And equipped with electric lifting tail , The power will carry the blue whale 1.5T The engine . Besides , The new car is expected to be 2021 Guangzhou auto show officially appeared ,2022 Officially listed at the beginning of the year .

The front face of the new car adopts UNI Family unbounded design , The shape of the air inlet grille is avant-garde and dynamic , Match with large vents on both sides , The overall cooperation complements each other .

The body side , The new car adopts a sliding back car body shape , The angular body waist line extends from the front to the rear , Plus 18 Inch sports hub , Make the whole vehicle look more powerful . The new car also adopts the design of hidden door handle , Reduce the wind resistance and show a higher sense .

Through tail lamps are used at the rear of the car , Echo with the headlight group . Besides , The new car is also equipped with an electric tail , Create an advanced body style . Body size , The length, width and height are respectively 4680/1838/1430mm, The wheelbase is 2750 mm .

Dynamic part , changan UNI-V Will carry blue whales 1.5T The engine , Maximum power output 138kW. future , The car is expected to launch 2.0T The model of the engine , And hybrid models .

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In this age of looking at faces , The overall design experience of the new car is still amazing , Including the front face family design 、 The body posture and the air field are very high , In addition, it is also equipped with a lifting electric tail , And predictable rich configurations , The manufacturer directly checks the standard link 03+、 Civic and other steel guns are not surprising .

Led the g 05+

The new car looks good : Power ratio 03+ stronger Car body

The new car still uses the car running compact SUV The design of the , A lot of sporty style kits are added to the appearance , Including the front lip of carbon fiber , Make the sports breath of the whole vehicle more radical . It is reported that , The new car is expected to be on the market within this year .

As can be seen from the official picture , The new car has a sports upgrade on the basis of the Standard Version , Two convex muscle lines distributed in parallel are adopted on the engine compartment cover , It echoes with the daytime running lights at both ends , Fit the larger air inlet area below , Looks more aggressive . Carbon fiber front lip 、 Lateral lip 、 The addition of spoiler also makes the whole car full of fighting breath .

In the tail , The new car has also added a large rear spoiler , Can get better downforce , Greatly improve the handling stability at high speed . The exhaust layout with two sides and four sides and the bottom spoiler further strengthen the main performance of the new car , The sense of impact is further enhanced . Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4614/1879/1628mm, The wheelbase is 2734mm.

motivation , The new car will be equipped with 2.0TD High power turbocharged engine , The most powerful 195kW(265PS), Peak torque 350N·m, It matches the third generation of Ericsson 8 Speed manual automatic transmission and Borg Warner's fifth generation intelligent timely four-wheel drive system .

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Led the g 05+ Based on Lingke 05 Upgrade to create , And added a lot of aerodynamic kits , There is also a newly enlarged moving tail at the tail , Power has also been upgraded , More fighting . The price of the new car is expected to be 28 All within , Will you still pay for it ?

New generation BMW 4 It's a four door sedan version

The new car looks good : Four door sedan car body Increased practicality

The new BMW 4 The four door sedan version has been opened for pre-sale , The pre-sale price is 37.50-47.00 Ten thousand yuan . The new car will cover 425i M Sport suit 、425i M Sports night suit and 430i M Three models of sports Yao night suit .

appearance , The new car incorporates BMW's iconic sports aesthetics , The front face adopts star screen air inlet grille combined with simple and slender headlights , Full of tension , More unique .

The body side , The new car adopts elegant lines and unique body proportions , Plus hidden door handles 、 Slender frameless door and slender window design , It shows movement and elegance .

The wide tail of the new car shows a lower center of gravity movement posture , Plus the blackened whole LED Tail lamp shape , Further improve the dynamic atmosphere of the whole vehicle .

Walk into the car ,4 The interior space of the four door Coupe is built around the driver , Including intelligent interconnected cockpit 、BMW operating system 7.0、BMW Intelligent personal assistant , Diversify between the driver and the vehicle 、 Personalized interaction mode . Besides , Through remote software upgrade function , Provide car owners with the latest intelligent digital experience .

In terms of intelligent assisted driving , The new car is also equipped with automatic driving assistance system Pro, For example, traffic congestion assistance 、 Lane change assistance system and 50 Meter tracking automatic parking aid system for reversing .

motivation , New car carrying 2.0T In-line four cylinder turbocharged engines , coordination 8 Speed manual self - contained gearbox , The fastest acceleration time is only 6.2 second . meanwhile , Compared with the previous models , The front and rear track widths are further increased . With a low center of gravity 、 The perfect 50:50 Front and rear axle weight distribution , Bring a better driving experience .

Besides , The user can also choose M Sports differential lock 、M High performance calipers 、M Sports suspension 、 Variable sports steering system , Create an exclusive driving experience .

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The front face of the new car is still familiar to everyone “ open nostrils ”, Interior styling and 4 The system is consistent , The car is also equipped with iDrive 7.0 System , In other words, buy 4 The Department is the shape of the two door version in the figure , So just don't increase the price of the new car .

Faw Toyota Harrier

The new car looks good : Sliding back style Elegant body posture

Faw Toyota Harrier Positioning medium SUV, Its main competitor will be Honda Guandao / Tu ang X Wait for five medium-sized SUV models . Besides , GAC Toyota will also synchronize the domestic model ( Code name 942B).

appearance , We all know that the first generation Harrier And the second generation products have been directly labeled Lexus RX, The third generation models began with Lexus RX The differentiation of , There is a distinction between level and Design ; And the fourth generation Harrier be based on TNGA-K Platform to build , Use the 15 The same Toyota family design language as the crown . The fourth generation Harrier The design is not completely separated from the third generation , More or less, it is inherited from the next generation .

The chrome plated decorative strip running through the left and right headlights divides the front face into upper and lower parts , The upper part is mainly a flat and narrow headlamp connected with the upper central grille , The lower half is a huge trapezoidal air inlet grille with air guide grooves on both sides , This design not only widens the horizontal visual effect of the front face , And a sense of aggression .

Japanese Edition

The new Toyota Harrier( Asking for reserve price | Check the parameters ) The side of the hidden RX Dynamic phantom , The waist line rising from front to back is attached with multi-level waist line design above and below , Plus the ending from the sinking D The dynamic rear formed by the column , Make the side of this car amazing . Body size , The length, width and height of the vehicle are 4755/1855/1660 mm , The wheelbase is 2690 mm .

The penetrating tail light reminds us of the Asian dragon, a medium-sized car owned by Toyota . Tail 、 Rear windshield 、 Through taillights 、 At the license plate 、 The rear bumper is formed “∑” A broken line with great impact . The leaking two bilateral exhaust pipes are icing on the cake .

Japanese Edition

because Harrier It has always been Toyota's special car in Japan , So the fourth generation first launched in Japan Harrier At present, there is only the official map of the left rudder version . Toyota designers use sharp lines to create a simple interior style , black / The brown color is very advanced .

motivation , The new Toyota Harrier Follow RAV4 equally , The pure fuel version is equipped with 2.0L The engine , The most powerful 171PS, Peak torque 207N·m, Transmission matching CVT Stepless gearbox ; The hybrid version is equipped with 2.5L The engine's THS II Hybrid system , The integrated maximum power of the front drive model system is 218PS, The 4WD model has a motor due to the addition of the rear wheel , Therefore, the comprehensive maximum power of the system reaches 222PS, The hybrid version is equipped with E-CVT Stepless gearbox .

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The positioning of the new car is between Rongfang and hanlanda , And based on TNGA-K Platform to build , The Chinese name big probability is “ Sharp release ”. The overall shape of the new car presents a sedan SUV The attitude of the , The interior design is also more exquisite , In the future, GAC Toyota will also synchronize the domestic model .

A new generation of SAIC Volkswagen lingdu

The new car looks good : A brand new design The public is no longer “ Dolls ”

The new car will be based on

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