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Both sports and practical. The new BMW 4-series Gran Coupe is open for pre-sale, starting from 375000 yuan

2021-08-27 21:13:08 Morning tea

BMW 4 Since its debut , It has been concerned by many consumers , But it's very hard to buy , Basically, you have to increase the price to buy . The main thing is , Cash BMW 4 The system adopts a double door design , The back row is basically useless , The practicability is still not high . But in recent days, , The new BMW 4 It's a four door coupe Gran Coupe Also officially opened the pre-sale , The pre-sale price is 37.5-47.0 Ten thousand yuan .

The new BMW 4 system Gran Coupe The appearance design of continues the modeling of the two door model , The front face is oversized “ open nostrils ” Double kidney air intake grille , With its angel eye headlights and exaggerated air intakes on both sides , The whole has a high degree of identification , Created a good sports atmosphere , But there are still a lot of people on it “ open nostrils ” Very disgusted , Feel ugly .

The side change is the biggest , New car adopted 4 Door design , Compared with the two door model , It becomes more convenient to enter the back row , Greatly improve the practicability . In addition, the aerodynamic kit of shark fins has been added , The body lines are very smooth and stretch, and the hidden door handle design is adopted , Overall, it looks more sporty and fashionable . The body size of a new car is 4783*1852*1442mm, The wheelbase is 2856mm, Compared with the previous generation, it has also increased .

The tail is designed with a slightly upturned duckling tail , The tail lamp still adopts a slender and sharp shape , And added a blackened design , The lower enclosure adopts the exhaust layout of double side and double outlet , With black diffuser , Improved a lot of sports breath .

The interior design is basically consistent with the current model , Equipped with a 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard and 10.3 Inch suspended center panel , It is decorated with a large number of chrome plated accessories , The overall sense of technology and luxury is done quite well , The color of black and Brown is more business .

In space , The overall dimensions of the new car have been enlarged , The length has increased 118mm, The width has increased 27mm, The height has increased 44mm, So the spatial performance should be better , Even with the sliding back design , There is plenty of space for the head and legs . The rear seats of the new car can also be placed upside down to increase the space of the trunk , However, the boot volume of the new car itself is also relatively large , Enough for daily use .

motivation , The new car will be equipped with the same... As the current model 2.0T The engine , It also provides two engines with low and high power , The maximum power is respectively 135kW and 190kW, The maximum torque is 300N·m and 400N·m, The matches are 8 Self - contained gearbox .

Conclusion : The new car uses 4 Door design , It will be more practical and convenient than cash , Its overall product power is still good , Performance is good , But the price of the new car will be higher than the cash , And cash is hard to find , Basically, we have to increase the price to buy , Now the brand new 4 Door models believe the same fate .

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