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Officially launched on August 25, Changan's new uni-t incarnated into a mecha soldier. Get in the car, brush your face and drive away

2021-08-27 21:13:19 Chewen channel

Chang'an will release a new car again ! In this critical period of the upcoming Chengdu show , Any move can win the attention of many media . In this month 25 Japan , changan UNI-T It will be officially launched soon , Sparked a heated debate among car fans . After all, in recent years, Chang'an SUV The show is in full swing ,CS75 PLUS Second only to Harvard H6 General existence , Word of mouth is quite strong . this UNI-T Join the car market war , It is expected to set off another wave , Let's wait and see .

From a physical point of view ,UNI-T It's an incarnation “ MechWarrior Project ”, The application of online bar is quite strong , The modeling design is also very bold . It uses the latest concept of Chang'an family , Emphasize personalization and a sense of future . The size of the air inlet grille on the front face of the car is very large , The almost frameless layout is very conspicuous . The built-in structure is the same as the ancient Knight's chest lock armor , It looks very visual impact . The lamp groups on both sides are slender and sharp , Built in split type LED The light source is called an eye-catching .“ A clover ” There is no doubt about the recognition of hidden grille lamps , Can win more attention after opening .

The side of the car is unique , With “ Pure surface ” Style building , It's very attractive to young people . In order to improve motion properties ,UNI-T It also comes with 20 Inch five spoke aluminum alloy hub , Strong aura is rare among models of the same level . Its tail is relatively simple , But the hierarchy is clear , The tail lamp group can play a good warning role after it is lit at night . this UNI-T Add mecha green , Don't worry about turning back when driving in the street .

interiors ,UNI-T Focus on metal texture , Bright color elements are added to multiple details , Give people a strong impact . It is equipped with 12.3 Inch touch LCD screen , It forms a dual screen architecture with LCD instrument , No one falls behind in grade . In order to show the latest scientific and technological strength of Chang'an Automobile ,UNI-T Also integrated FACE IDx Super account , You can get in the car, brush your face and leave , Is this quite awesome? .UNI-T The space performance is also very impressive , There's not much depression sitting in it . Its seat materials keep improving , Can take into account the touch and skin , At the same time, the structure can also give effective support to the body , Relieve the fatigue of long-distance travel .

UNI-T In terms of power, it has also attracted much attention , It will carry a new generation of blue whales NE 1.5T The engine , The maximum output reaches 138kW. In order to meet consumers' pursuit of performance , It also launched 2.0T engine , More powerful in power . Facing many powerful enemies ,UNI-T In compact SUV The field still has certain competitiveness . Now the auto industry sales war has entered a white hot stage , Changan launched a new model this time UNI-T, I hope to compete with the multi model strategy , Expanding share , Create conditions for better brand development .

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