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Unveiling of "lawyer disability service station" in Bajiao Street

2021-08-27 21:30:22 Beijing daily client

8 month 23 Japan , Bajiao street, Shijingshan District is held in Huixin home, Bajiao Beili community “ Lawyer disability service station ” The unveiling ceremony .

It is reported that , Legal workers are specially responsible for the legal aid services for the disabled in the lawyer's disability service station , Receive calls from the disabled 、 Incoming letter 、 Visit , respond to legal consultations , Carry out legal aid and convenience activities , Provide... To persons with disabilities in need “ Green channel ”, And according to the actual needs , Continue to expand the scope of legal aid services for the Disabled .

basis 《 The civil code 》 Relevant provisions , Liu Hongli, a lawyer from Beijing Branch of dacanghai law firm, is concerned about the common labor and employment problems in the life of the disabled 、 Full and detailed explanation of legal knowledge such as social security , One on one to answer the legal problems we encounter in our life , Both theoretical publicity and actual situation should be combined , We will earnestly guide and help disabled people to protect their rights rationally according to law .“ There is confusion 、 If necessary, you can come here for consultation at any time , Legal professionals will provide advice , Our hearts are very secure .” Aunt Zhao, a community resident, said .

at present , Bajiao street has a total of disabled people with certificates 3687 name .“ The service station will build a rights protection platform for the Disabled , Effectively prevent violations of the rights and interests of persons with Disabilities , Alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of legal aid for the Disabled .” Ming Changhong, deputy director of Bajiao sub district office, said . The street will adopt a combination of service station reception and door-to-door service , Let more people with disabilities have timely access to 、 Efficient public legal services .

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