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The municipal CPPCC started the legislative consultation on the seed regulations

2021-08-27 21:35:53 Beijing daily client

8 month 23 On the afternoon of Sunday , The municipal CPPCC held a meeting 《 Beijing seed regulations ( The draft )》 Mobilization and deployment of legislative consultation and briefing meeting , The legislative consultation was officially launched . Niu Qingshan, vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, presided over the meeting , Vice chairman Chen Jun attended the meeting .

At the meeting , Municipal Agricultural and rural Bureau 、 Municipal Landscaping Bureau 、 The responsible comrades of the Municipal Bureau of justice introduced the development of modern seed industry in the city 、 The main problem 、 Suggestions for next steps and the legislative work . The agricultural and Rural Committee of the municipal CPPCC made an explanation of the work plan for legislative consultation . This legislative consultation will widely mobilize members of all sectors of the municipal CPPCC to carry out consultation and make suggestions , And organize a professional expert group 、 A group of legal experts to demonstrate . After the members' opinions are sorted out and legislative suggestions are formed, they will be submitted to relevant departments according to relevant procedures .

Niu Qingshan said , The development of seed industry is to fully implement the strategic positioning of the capital city 、 The inevitable requirement of performing the functions of the capital , Based on resource endowment 、 Give full play to their own advantages , The inevitable choice to achieve high-quality development . The committee members should conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping “ Agriculture, rural areas and farmers ” An important exposition of the work , Based on the capital “ Four centers ” Functional orientation , Focus on giving full play to the advantages of scientific and technological talents in the capital 、 make “ The capital of seed industry ”, Give full play to the role of special consultative bodies of the CPPCC , Go deep into the grass-roots front-line investigation and Research 、 Listen to suggestions , Make a plan for 《 Beijing seed regulations 》 Give in-depth advice to senior officials 、 Broad consensus , Complete legislative consultation with high quality , Contribute to the high-quality development of seed industry in Beijing “ The strength of the CPPCC ”.

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