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Pure electric SUV with beauty and material, 149800, maximum endurance of 520km, analysis of Weima Ex5

2021-08-27 21:38:38 Vehicle news briefing

Speaking of the domestic auto market , The layout of the compact market segment is the most comprehensive , So in the new energy vehicle market , Most of the first models of new power brands are positioned as compact . For example, this model we are going to introduce today , Goodway EX5.

Goodway EX5 It is also the first model of Weima automobile , It is positioned as compact grade pure electric SUV, At present, there are car models on sale 7 paragraph , Contains 2 paragraph 2021 Models and 5 paragraph 2020 models . And Wima EX5 The manufacturer's guide price is 14.98 Wan to 19.88 ten thousand .

Weima in appearance EX5 Your design is still very fashionable , Just Weima EX5 It has been in this shape since it came into the market , A little bit of aesthetic fatigue . The front part of the car still adopts the closed central network design , The bright black trim panel is connected to the left and right light groups , The effect is quite good , And its logo logo It also supports lighting . The line design of the front surround is a lot more three-dimensional , The overall visual center of gravity is also relatively low , The annular daytime running lights on both sides also have a certain degree of recognition .

The shape of the headlight is still relatively simple , A strong sense of wholeness , But the internal structure design is very clear , The effect is also exquisite . All the light sources are used LED High and low beam , Functionality is not rich , Only automatic headlights are provided .

As a compact stage SUV, Goodway EX5 The body size of is 4585/1835/1672mm, The wheelbase 2703mm, Behave well at the same level . The side design of the car body is also relatively common , The lines are not complicated , But the details are very good , Hidden door handle , The bottom side skirt is also made of bright black piano baking paint , Add a little texture .

The real model adopts a 18 Inch multi spoke design rim , Two color design , And low wind resistance design is added . Tires are also equipped with Michelin Primacy4 series , The specification is 225/55 R18. However, what is provided on the two passenger models is 17 Inch wheels , The tire specification is 215/60 R17.

The rear of the car also has a sense of design , The through tail lamp shape is still quite common , The extension of both sides makes it visually divide the rear of the car into upper and lower layers . The design of the back enclosure is also three-dimensional , Echo the front surround , Ventilation slots are arranged on both sides , Straight lines create a penetrating visual effect , The bottom is a large area of black plastic .

The interior design is also very fashionable , More straight lines are used , The lines below the center console extend from the middle to both sides , It has a sense of hierarchy . And there are many air conditioning outlet designs , The through air outlet divides the center console into two . The upper part of the center console is made of soft materials , The orange part that is often touched is wrapped in leather , The touch and texture are very good .

The steering wheel is wrapped in leather , Both sides are perforated , The three spoke flat bottom structure is also very conventional , Spokes are also decorated with bright black trim , Multi function keys are also operated in virtual form , And add silver trim .

The instrument panel adopts a 12.3 Inch LCD screen ,UI My design is also very cute , Fillet treatment has been carried out , The display effect is still very good . Most of the information about the vehicle can also be displayed , The information is rich enough , The main information is also clear at a glance .

12.8 The inch central control screen is also very bright , Overall, it tends to the driver's side , It also supports rotation operation . And for UI Interface design is still very interesting , In the form of bubbles . The car engine system is also very good , Contains navigation 、 Video entertainment 、 Car networking 、 Speech recognition control, etc , And it also supports App Online expansion and remote control of smart home products , Most settings of the vehicle can be operated .

For safety configuration and auxiliary control configuration , Goodway EX5 Equipped with realizable L2 Level of automatic driving capability , In addition to some basic hardware , Full speed adaptive cruise control is also required 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Active braking and automatic parking , At the same time, it also provides two functions: Line merging assistance and road traffic sign recognition . It is worth mentioning that , It can also pass through OTA Vehicle upgrade , It can enrich driving assistance functions .

The style of the seat is still very dynamic , After all, it's an all-in-one sports style design , The orange leather package is also eye-catching , It also looks more energetic . And the seat is also very comfortable , Good support . The rear seats are also provided with three head restraints , Very comfortable and wrapped , And also spent careful thinking on the cushion , Good support for legs .

For the performance of space , Invited a tall 1.76 Meters of experience to ride , It fits right and left , Adjust the height to the minimum , At this time, only two fingers remain in the head space . And keep the front seats unchanged , The head space in the back row has four fingers , Leg space and one punch and four fingers . The overall performance is more moderate , The normal level of this level .

And Wilma EX5 The whole series is equipped with panoramic skylight as standard , The opening area is about 0.52㎡, But the light transmission area is only 0.27㎡ about .

motivation , Goodway EX5 The whole system is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor ,2021 The maximum motor power of this model 160kW, Maximum torque 225N·m, and 2020 The maximum motor power of this model 160kW, Maximum torque 315N·m. The transmission system adopts the single speed fixed gear ratio electric transmission, which is very common in pure electric vehicles , The same is true of the chassis suspension , The front McPherson independent suspension is adopted , Rear torsion beam type independent suspension , This suspension combination is also common at this level .

Weima on the battery pack EX5 Not provided 2021 The battery capacity of this model , Lithium ion batteries are used ,NEDC Mileage to 403km. and 2020 This model is also divided into two capacities ,Z Fun The capacity of the ternary lithium battery pack equipped with the dynamic version and the two passenger versions is 52.56kWh,NEDC Mileage to 400km, and Z Nex Discovery and Z Pro The performance version uses capacity 69kWh Three yuan lithium battery ,NEDC Mileage to 520km.

in general , Goodway EX5 The comprehensive performance of is still very good , But Wilma EX5 The price positioning of is still a little high , introduction 14.48 Wan is not close to the people , The price of top configuration is also relatively high . But in Weima EX5 There will be no mileage anxiety in your car , It's enough for the urban area . But compared with other new power brands , Weima is a little proud to build a factory directly , So it is also overcapacity now .

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