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Audi is another medium and large SUV, 546800, 4901mm long, large space and powerful

2021-08-27 21:38:45 Cheshi vernacular

When it comes to the audi e-tron, As Audi's only medium and large pure electric SUV, At present, it is also divided into domestic version and imported version , But today we mainly talk about the domestic version of Audi e-tron. audi e-tron For the time being, there are only three models on sale , Manufacturer's guide price 54.68 ten thousand -64.88 ten thousand , Compared with medium and large-scale enterprises of the same level SUV Come on , The price is still very exciting . So how does its product power perform ?

Although a pure electric SUV, however e-tron It also pays more attention to sports elements in appearance , The design of the front part is very aggressive , Only the middle part of the large medium grid grid can be used for air intake , Air inlet holes are also left on both sides of the front enclosure , The silver trim has a through design , Strong visual impact .

The shape of the headlight is very sharp , After all, Audi “ Lamp factory ” Your name is not in vain , The internal structure is also very exquisite , Arrow feather LED Daytime running lights have obvious recognition . And the whole system also provides digital matrix LED Lamp group , Functional nature is quite rich , For example, adaptive high and low beams 、 Automatic headlights , Rain fog mode, etc .

and e-tron The body size of is 4901/1935/1640mm, The wheelbase 2928mm, Same as imported version , But with the same level of Mercedes Benz EQC Or Jaguar I-PACE Compare to , Still better . The side design is more regular , The line design is also very smooth , The roof line is also relatively flat , But the trim strip on the upper edge of the window from B The arc at which the column begins to slide is slightly larger , Add a touch of movement .

The design of the rim is also unique , Silver grey five spoke pattern , And add low wind resistance design , The six piston calipers on the inside are also very eye-catching . The rim size is 21 Inch , Equipped with horse cards Sport Contact 6 Series tires , The specification is 265/45 R21. The luxury models are equipped with 19 Inch wheels , The tire specification is 255/55 R19, The Zhen model is equipped with 20 Inch wheels , The tire specification is 255/50 R20.

The line design at the rear of the car is much smoother , Not as aggressive as the front of the car , On the contrary, it looks plump , It's solid and thick , A large number of straight lines enrich its sense of hierarchy and three-dimensional . There is no doubt that the tail lamp adopts a through design , The interior of both sides also adopts arrow feather design elements , Echo with the headlight set . The rear surround uses more silver trim panels , The advantage is that it looks good visually .

Into the car ,e-tron The digital virtual cockpit design of Audi is adopted , This three screen layout seems to have a sense of science and Technology , Especially its handle , It feels like an airplane joystick . Don't seem to worry too much about the materials , The top and bottom of the center console are covered with soft materials , The middle is decorated with bright black trim panel and carbon fiber , Enhance the sense of hierarchy of the center console .

The style of the steering wheel is very familiar , Four spoke structure , The steering wheel of this shape is also in Audi A8 and Q8 There was... On . The material is wrapped in leather , It feels very delicate , Full grip . Quite rich in functions , Support steering wheel heating and shift paddles , However, the optional steering wheel heating for luxury and Zhen models requires 1000 element . In fact, the gear shifting paddle for pure trams , Is to increase and decrease the level of kinetic energy recovery , Nothing else .

The instrument panel is one piece 12.3 Inch LCD screen , The interface style design is still very sci-fi , And support Audi virtual cockpit mode , The effect is very good . The layout of the interface is more traditional , Important information is pre arranged on both sides , The middle section displays the vehicle information , It's still very rich .

The central control screen is a piece 10.1 Inch touch LCD screen , For the era of big screen ,10.1 Inches is a little small . however e-tron Well designed , Integrate with the surrounding , Great visual effect , The style of the interface is also very simple , The logic of some basic function settings is also very clear , It's easy to operate , However, some functions still need multi-level operation , This needs to be adapted .

There is also a touch panel under the central control screen , Size is 8.6 Inch , The touch panel is also mainly used to control the air conditioner , But it can also be used as a tablet .

Security configuration e-tron It can only be said that it can be , Passive security also provides 8 airbag , However, the luxury and Zhen models are only 6 airbag , The rear side air curtain is optional , And it's a little unreasonable to use a tire pressure alarm for the whole level . Active safety , The whole series is equipped with active braking function as standard , The exclusive model is also equipped with parallel assistance 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane Keeping Assist 、 Road traffic sign recognition and fatigue driving tips .

There are parking radars on the front and rear of the auxiliary driving configuration , The real model is also equipped with 360 Degree panoramic image 、 Reverse vehicle side warning 、 Adaptive cruise , The luxury model only provides reversing image and constant speed cruise .

The seats still look thick , But the shape is a little regular , Orange edging and stitching also have a sense of vitality . It is also very functional , The main and co driver's seats of the real model support electric 14 Directional regulation , Support seat heating and driver's seat memory , Seat ventilation and seat massage are optional . The same is true for the rear seats , Three head restraints are provided , The backrest angle is moderate , The seats are soft , The comfort performance is OK .

As a medium and large-scale SUV, Don't worry too much about space , Mainly look at the head space . By height 1.78 Take the experience of rice as an example , After the front row is adjusted, there is room for a punch on the head , Keep your position and enter the rear row , There is one punch and one finger left in the head space , Leg space more than two punches , For daily use , They are also outstanding among their peers .

But while e-tron Panoramic skylight is provided , But the lighting area is only 0.567㎡, The opening area is only 0.245㎡, Still small .

In terms of power e-tron Both adopt the dual motor layout , The total power of the two motors is 230kW, Total torque 540N·m, It is also equipped on the transmission 2 Automatic gearbox , The stability is still very good . The chassis suspension adopts the front five link independent suspension , Structure of rear multi link independent suspension , And the whole system provides air suspension , Support the adjustment of software, hardware and height .

The battery pack is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 96.7kWh Three yuan lithium battery , The 100 kilometer power consumption of the luxury model is 19.4kWh,NEDC With a range of 500km, The 100 km power consumption of Zhenzhen model and exclusive model is 21kWh, therefore NEDC Mileage to 465km.

in general , For domestic Audi e-tron, The whole is still very excellent , But its price positioning , The current threshold for understanding the imported version is also 40 many , So the domestic version e-tron No advantage . But no price ,e-trom Our comprehensive quality is still very high , At least in luxury brand pure electricity SUV in , Still a great performance .

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