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2023 Range Rover spy photos exposed! New air intake grille, BMW V8 engine, power improvement

2021-08-27 21:38:54 Report car

Mention Land Rover , Xiaobian naturally thought of “ luxury ”、“ The forward ”、“ cross-country ” And a series of loud words . You bet , As the world's top luxury car brand , Land Rover can easily handle all kinds of road conditions , Comprehensive performance , The appearance of hardliners and other characteristics are favored by many people . And to talk about its most representative model , Range rover can be said to be “ mobile ” It's just like that .

recently , the “ mobile ” There are new moves , Foreign media exposed a group of the latest spy photos of the new range rover . A few days ago , Foreign media exposed the new range rover Sport SVR Spy photos of , Followed by , Land Rover has also launched a comprehensive test of the conventional range rover .

Land Rover has always done a good job of keeping new cars confidential , However, from this spy photo, we can see , The camouflage of the new car is lower than before , So we can see more details .

aesthetic , The design language of the new car is basically the same as that of Range Rover Sport , The overall style is more sporty , Especially the front part is lower , Match with narrow size medium mesh 、 Flattened headlights and redesigned air intake grille 、 Front bumper , Make the front face more imposing , Very recognizable .

From the side , The new car adopts a shape similar to sliding back , With the slowly descending roof streamline 、 Strong waistline 、 Pop up door handle and black hollow five piece wheel hub , It further emphasizes the sense of movement and strength .

Besides , It can be seen from the outline of the rear of the car , The tail of the new car is full and protruding , A spoiler of moderate size is arranged at the end of its roof , With rectangular bilateral four outlet exhaust holes , Create a strong tail movement temperament .

It's worth noting that , From the obvious yellow sticker on the rear part and the charging interface on the rear fender , It can be inferred that , This spy photo is probably a plug-in hybrid model .

interiors , Although the spy photos did not reveal relevant information , But looking back on the spy photos exposed before , The cockpit of the new car will be equipped with a large touch screen 、 Full digital instrument panel and other high-tech configurations , To further enhance the sense of technology in the car .

( This prequel's plug-in hybrid interior )

motivation , It is said that the new Land Rover Sport SVR Will abandon the current 5.0L Supercharged engine , Switch to BMW 4.4T V8 The engine , The maximum output power is 447kW, Compared with cash 428kW The maximum power has a good performance improvement . As for the regular version of the new range rover , It is expected to carry 48V Light mixed system , And will launch plug-in hybrid and pure electric models in the future .

according to the understanding of , The all-new range rover will be unveiled later this year , And will be in 2023 Annual listing . If you follow the plan , The new car should soon get rid of more disguises and meet everyone . What surprises will the new car give us ? Let's wait and see !

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