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Overseas Elantra N5 seconds to break the 100 challenge Type-R, netizen: lower the price of the domestic version!

2021-08-27 21:41:05 Report car

According to the new car plan , Hyundai Motor will 2022 In, a derivative model of Elantra was launched in the United States —— Elantra N. In recent days, , The new car is released online , Continue the design of cash models as a whole , Only the front face and tail make certain adjustments , Make it visually more fierce .

In addition to the appearance upgrade , Elantra N The powertrain is the focus of the upgrade . According to foreign media reports , New car carrying 2.0T Turbocharged engine , Its maximum horsepower is as high as 280Ps, Make the new car more powerful in an instant ,0-60mph(0-92km/h) Acceleration only 5s.

It's just , Elantra above N Models do not necessarily enter domestic sales . Elantra, as one of the representative works of Korean models in China , At its peak, sales were comparable to some Japanese compact cars . Although in recent years , The sales volume of Korean cars in China is getting worse and worse , But it doesn't seem to have much impact on modern Elantra , At present, the sales volume of the car in China is still about 10000 per month . so , Hyundai Elantra is still more popular with consumers in China .

The main reason why Hyundai Elantra can be recognized by consumers is , Level of appearance 、 power 、 Fuel economy . among , Yan value has different opinions , I won't start here . Today I want to talk to you about the powertrain of Hyundai Elantra .

The car offers two engines with different displacement , Namely 1.5L and 1.4T. among , Equipped with medium and low configuration models 1.5L The engine , The whole is called Gamma 1.5L MPI The engine , Maximum horsepower 115Ps, Maximum torque 143.9 N·m, The lowest comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is 5.3L, Power and fuel economy are relatively balanced .

which 1.5L The engine can have such power and fuel economy , Thanks to its multi-point EFI oil supply mode , Through the electronic control system , Accurately control the mixing ratio of fuel and air , Draw the oil-gas mixture into the cylinder during the suction stroke of the engine , So as to improve the overall performance of the engine .

The medium and high configuration is equipped with 1.4T The engine , Maximum horsepower 140Ps, Maximum torque 211 N·m, The comprehensive fuel consumption of one hundred kilometers is only 5.2L. The engine adopts in cylinder direct injection technology 、 The intake and exhaust can realize double variable timing 、 Electric turbine pressure relief valve 、 Integrated exhaust manifold and other technologies , The cylinder body is made of aluminum alloy , Effectively improve 1.4T The overall performance of the engine , And reduce the quality of the engine block , Give Way 1.4T The model has good power data , And obtain high fuel economy .

coordination 7 Speed dry double clutch gearbox , The turbine intervention of the vehicle basically has no sense of delay , The middle and rear driving is also more linear , I can't feel the frustrations when I shift gears during daily driving , In fact, it has achieved better acceleration performance .

Thanks to better product power , Hyundai Elantra's preferential margin in China is not large , The current offer is only 4 One thousand yuan or so . Many netizens said , Yes, Elantra N It doesn't matter whether it is introduced into China , Instead, they are more concerned about whether domestic Hyundai Elantra can reduce the price or have a greater preferential range .

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