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The new Lexus LX hypothetical picture has been exposed, which can be called "hardcover" land tour! Expected lunar phase in December

2021-08-27 21:41:07 Report car

“ Mountains are mountains and rivers are rivers , Off road also needs to be cool Luze ……”, Have you ever heard this catchy doggerel ? There may be an exaggeration in , But enough to see Rand cooluzer ( Land patrol ) Popularity in off-road circles . In recent days, , Toyota has released a new Rand cooluzer , Good market response , The new Lexus based on the new Rand cooluzer LX, More attention has also been paid .

recently , Overseas media exposed a group of new Lexus LX Rendering scenario of . The new car will use the same... As the new Toyota landkuluze GA-F Architecture to create , Is the “ Hardback ” Land patrol , And has a very eye-catching huge grille , It is said that this year 9 Starting in January ,12 Official listing .

From the renderings , The huge grille of the new car adopts the classic spindle design , There are complex patterns on the beam ; Besides , On both sides of the new car's headlights 6 A lens and an eye-catching bending diurnal lamp belt in the lamp group , Give people a kind of boldness 、 A different feeling , Very recognizable .

Side view , The appearance of the new car is very similar to that of the land tour , Full of strength . From the back , New cars use through taillights , With Lexus letters LOGO, And the chrome plated exhaust outlet on both sides below , Full sense of design .

interiors , Although no relevant pictures have been exposed so far , But a full upgrade is also expected , Include 17 Inch infotainment screen and fingerprint scanner , Further enhance the sense of science and technology of the whole vehicle . Besides , According to the report , The new car will also make new breakthroughs in ride quality and safety technology .

motivation , The new car may continue to carry 3.5T V6 Twin turbocharged engines , The most powerful 305kW, Maximum torque 650N·m, Transmission system matching 10AT transmission . Besides , There is still hope for a new car 3.5L V6 Twin turbocharged engines + The power combination of the motor , allegedly , The maximum power of the powertrain 358kW, Maximum torque 871N·m.

The land patrol itself has done quite well in all aspects of quality , And as a luxury version “ Land patrol ” New Lexus LX Not to mention . If one day you see a brand new Lexus on the road LX, without doubt , The owner must be a local tyrant . True words , No, Xiaobian doesn't want to , But the small series is short of tickets !

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