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2023 Mercedes Benz gle road test spy photos exposed! The front face looks like GLS. Can you beat X5 / Q7?

2021-08-27 21:41:26 Report car

As early as this year 6 month , Mercedes has exposed a new Mercedes Benz GLE Test charts with little camouflage , Let everyone see the strength of the new car . But the new car is still fully promoting the renewal , In recent days, , Foreign media also exposed a group of new Mercedes Benz GLE The latest spy photos of . It's strange that , Instead, it wears more camouflage than before , What details does the new car reveal ?

It is reported that , The new car is a mid-term model , It has been tested at the Nurburgring circuit , The appearance and interior of the new car are mainly upgraded , And strengthen the engine power , The new car is expected to appear at the beginning of next year .

aesthetic , The overall design and design of the front face of the new car GLS Highly similar , Adopt large-size smoked black straight waterfall air inlet grille , Collocation matrix LED Headlamp unit and three-stage air inlet front bumper , Make the whole vehicle recognizable , The visual effect is also more coordinated .

The overall outline of the new car body is roughly the same as that of the current model , Retain the iconic C Column design and double waist line . The difference is , The new car adopts a more round and full body shape with double six alloy wheels , And the roof is equipped with a luggage rack , The whole vehicle is more sporty and fashionable .

From the spy photos , The rear camouflage of the new car remains unchanged , The tail lamp group of the new car may adopt the inverted triangle design , And apply LED The light source , Bring better lighting visual effect . Besides , The new car also has a moderately sized rear spoiler at the end of the roof , Match the trapezoidal exhaust layout with two sides at the bottom and silver trim panel , Further enhance the motion properties of the vehicle .

interiors , Although no spy photos were revealed this time , But according to foreign media , The new car may be replaced with a new large-size LCD instrument panel and central control screen , Equipped with the latest generation MBUX System and vehicle engine interconnection system , Enhance the sense of technology of the whole vehicle .

motivation , It is reported that the new car will provide 2.0T and 2.5T Engine options , And will launch 48V Gasoline and diesel models with mild hybrid system , Drive systems are matched 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . It is worth mentioning that , The new car will also have a maximum range of 100km Plug in hybrid models .

As a large and medium-sized subsidiary of Mercedes Benz SUV, Mercedes GLE Very popular in the market . From the spy photos exposed this time , The appearance and interior upholstery of the new car , Especially the power has been greatly upgraded , More competitive in the market . After the new car goes on sale in the future , Its biggest competitor will still be BMW X5 And audi Q7, So you think the new Mercedes Benz GLE How much can you beat your opponent ?

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