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Atmospheric appearance, large space, low fuel consumption, household and commercial are the same! It's worth it!

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magotan GTE The front face of plug-in hybrid model adopts Volkswagen “ Family facebook ”, The low and wide air intake grille and headlights constitute an aggressive front face . The front grille has a closed design , And on one side “GTE” The logo , Fog lamp area adopts C Design of type I daytime running lights , The whole looks very sporty .

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Lighting , The whole system adopts LED Light source lighting . The high configuration model is equipped with full LED Matrix form Matrix Lens headlamp , With follow-up steering and running water steering lamp ; When starting the vehicle , The lamp beads in the headlights will light up in turn , Adjust the lighting position up and down , It looks very ceremonial . All standard LED Daytime running light 、 Automatic headlamp and headlamp delay off function .

The side shape of the car body is quite sharp , The waist line design with low front and high back brings a certain sense of movement . The layering of the tail creates a good sense , The tail lamp adopts a boomerang design , Good recognition when lit . Below the Volkswagen logo “MAGOTAN”LOGO The design improves the sense of grade . Body size , The length, width and height are respectively 4865/1832/1469mm, The wheelbase is 2871mm.

The interior design has a good luxurious atmosphere , The quartz watch designed above the center of the center console reflects the functionality and decoration in the design . The top of the center console is made of a large area of soft material , The thick chrome plated trim strip in the middle is made of hard material , The overall price is in line with the level of this model . The car uses a piece of 8 Inch touch LCD screen , The operation feel of the car engine system is relatively smooth , Support GPS Navigation 、 bluetooth 、CarPlay as well as CarLife Mobile Internet and other functions . It is worth mentioning that the theme tone of the vehicle engine system of the high configuration model can also change with the color of the interior atmosphere lamp , Add a premium feel to the interior .

The leather surface of the multi-function steering wheel is very soft , The drawback is that it feels thin when held . The instrument panel still adopts the traditional double barrel design , The tachometer of the fuel car is replaced by the motor power meter , The middle screen can display a variety of driving information .

The seats are wrapped in leather , The diamond texture on the surface is very classy , The ride is also very good , Leg support in place , Adjustable lumbar support even in the highest gear , There will be no feeling of top waist , The overall ergonomics is good . Although the car is a plug-in hybrid version , The battery is designed under the rear compartment , However, this does not affect the rear seat proportional reclining ability . Besides , The central armrest position of the rear seat is connected with the rear compartment , Easy access to items .

motivation , use 1.4T The engine + The power combination of the motor , And meet the country VI Emission standards . The maximum engine power is 150 horsepower , The maximum torque is 250N·m; The maximum power of the motor is 116 horsepower , The maximum torque is 330N·m. Its ternary lithium battery pack has a capacity of 16.5kWh,NEDC Pure electric range is up to 56km, The comprehensive fuel consumption of the Ministry of industry and information technology is 1.8L/100km. The transmission system adopts 6 Wet double clutch gearbox .

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Among many hybrid models , magotan GTE The performance of plug-in hybrid models is more commercial and luxurious , From many details, we can feel the designer's good intentions , Plus good acceleration results and rich configuration , In the case of conditional charging at home , This car is still a good choice .

Luxury model is a low configuration model in the car series , Equipped with front / Rear head air curtain 、 Knee airbag 、 Fatigue driving tips 、 front / Rear parking radar 、 Reversing image 、 Cruise control 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 Keyless start 、 Keyless entry 、 Leather seats 、 Front seat heating 、 Automatic air conditioning and so on , Quite comprehensive in function , Both practicality and comfort . According to the real owner price of car home , At present, there are nearly 2 Ten thousand yuan discount , If you are interested in it, you might as well pay attention to .

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