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Active braking + full speed adaptive cruise, wheelbase over 2.8m, large and comfortable space, buy!

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Honda UR-V The overall temperament is calm, atmospheric and has a certain sense of grade . use U Type large mouth grille , Cellular design is adopted in the grid , The chrome plated decorative strips running through the left and right pass through the middle net , It looks more exquisite with the chrome logo . The headlamp group is integrated with the air inlet grille , Make the front face look more exquisite , The recognition has been further improved .

Dongfeng Honda - Honda UR-V

Lighting , The minimum configuration model uses halogen light source headlights and fog lamps , The headlights and fog lamps of medium and high configuration models adopt LED The light source , And the medium and high configuration models also have LED Daytime running light 、 Automatic headlights and steering assist lamps .

The body side lines are very full , The overall vision highlights the slender . The rear of the car has a design similar to sliding back , after 45° Have a strong sense of design . The through lamp set makes the whole tail look more modern 、 fashion , The through chrome trim strip under the lamp group also further improves the overall texture of the rear . Body size , The length, width and height are respectively 4856/1942/1670mm( The height of 4WD model is 1675mm), The wheelbase is 2820mm, In the same class , Body size has certain advantages .

The interior is still an atmospheric and calm style , Beige 、 Brown and black interior colors . The interior workmanship is meticulous , The material is exquisite . The upper and lower parts of the center console are wrapped with soft plastic lined materials , Imitation wood veneer has excellent texture . besides , The whole line is also equipped with 8 Inch touch LCD screen , The pitch angle can be adjusted , Reduce reflection , Very kind . in addition , The minimum configuration model supports CarPlay Mobile phone connection ; Medium and high configuration models can pass Honda CONNECT2.0 Connect with your mobile phone , And support the Internet of vehicles function .

The steering wheel is designed in a three spoke style , Low configuration models also have multi-function buttons , It's just that the low configuration models are not wrapped in leather . The instrument panel is composed of two physical pointer instruments and color trip computer display , Simple shape , The amount of information displayed is relatively rich .

Honda UR-V Wide chair shape , The seat filler is comfortable and soft , The overall ride experience is close to the leather sofa at home . Leather seats are used in all models , Both sides of the legs and waist provide a very good package , The difference between high and low configuration models is mainly reflected in the function . The main and co driver seats of the whole system are electrically adjustable , This is to be praised , The 4WD zunyao version of the top model is equipped with lumbar support adjustment and seat memory functions . Comfortable configuration , In addition to the entry model , Other models are equipped with front seat heating , The top model not only has front seat heating and ventilation , The rear seat is also equipped with seat heating function , The huge rear space makes the ride more comfortable .

motivation , Honda UR-V Provides 1.5T and 2.0T Two engines , And have met the requirements of VI Emission standards . Its 1.5T The maximum engine power is 193 horsepower , The maximum torque is 243N·m, What matches it is a CVT Stepless gearbox ;2.0T The maximum engine power is 272 horsepower , The maximum torque is 370N·m, What matches it is a 9 Self - contained gearbox .

Recommended models :2020 paragraph 240TURBO Two drive elegant version

in general , Honda UR-V The core positioning in the brand is still to enhance the brand image . It has spacious interior space , Great ride comfort , Rich technology configuration , It is a cost-effective home model .

Quite recommended in the car line 240TURBO Two drive elegant version , It is the second low configuration model in the vehicle series , It's more expensive than the entry-level Zhiyue model 2.3 Ten thousand yuan , But there are some more highlights , First of all, the lamp group becomes more sci-fi LED Light source headlights , The appearance value of the whole vehicle has been improved to a higher level ; Second, like before / Rear head air curtain 、 Lane departure warning 、 Lane keep 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Full speed adaptive cruise, which is related to active and passive safety, is basically equipped , and 1.5T Engine in the city probably 80km/h It is also relatively calm when driving within the range , Neither overtaking nor starting is so bad . According to the real owner price of car home , At present, the terminal has 1.5 About ten thousand yuan , Good value for money , Is worth to recommend .

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