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SUV fuel consumption is less than 5! Torque 530 n · m! There are also 7 body colors!

2021-08-27 21:48:25 Car home

WEY The brand's new models are really hot recently , Led by tanks SUV The heat of the family matrix is also rising . Start with the big haver dog , Great Wall's models have made great efforts in naming , It turned out to be a real success .WEY At present, except for tank models , Others are named after coffee , After mocha and Macchiato , The latte arrived as promised .

More interesting , The car's body color is named Hazelnut Latte 、 Taffy latte 、 Vanilla Latte 、 Blueberry latte 、 black tea latte 、 Meteorite lattes 、 Seven coconut lattes , The naming of these colors is the result of user voting , Allowing users to participate in the naming decision of products is also a new marketing method .

The engine : expect 1.5T Intelligent hybrid

System integrated maximum power :238 horsepower

System integrated peak torque :530 cattle · rice

Fuel consumption of MIIT :4.9L/100km

transmission : Is expected to be 9 Fast double clutch gearbox

At the end :

No matter how good marketing is , Products with strong hard power is an important factor for consumers to pay . With the release of the Great Wall lemon platform , Flag DHT Hybrid technology has HEV and PHEV Two forms , The power system also has three matching forms , I have to say that Great Wall Motors is really fast enough in this round of technical follow-up . What about? , Such a trendy and practical SUV Is that your dish ? Please leave me a message in the comment area !

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