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A thank-you letter to every car home user

2021-08-27 21:48:35 Car home

Dear user friends ,

Zhan Xinyue !

    I'd like to meet you today in this form , Because I can't wait to tell you the good news : Recently launched by auto home , With the participation of users all over the country “ National online auto show ” Guinness world records TM Challenge activities , It's a complete success !

    Let's show you ( Show off ) Check our certificates :

    This is an honor for all car lovers , But it's not just honor .

    It is said that , The car is already ours “ Second home ”. But , Home is more than just a space , It is full of too much emotional sustenance .

    Through this challenge , We expose ourselves to the world “ Second home ”, Share your joys and sorrows , Convey your love , Show the spiritual outlook of the vigorous development of China's automobile industry , Chasing the car dream ……

    We interpret the original intention with practical actions , This is similar to the car house 818 The theme of the global auto Festival “ The number one engine ” agree without prior without previous consultation .

    What is the number one engine ?

     seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , It's Auto Home United with China Automobile Industry Association 、 Automobile branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade 、 Hunan Satellite TV and other top players , Jointly launch “ automobile + Technology + entertainment ” Innovative marketing model , Build an engine to accelerate the digital transformation of China's automobile industry , Help the rise of Chinese brands and Chinese automobile culture to the world 、 Influence the world .

    Speaking of this , Each of us is a contributor , Are you still a little excited ?

    It is this mission and responsibility , The car house is 2019 First in “818 Global auto Festival ”, It aims to create a festival for car lovers . This year, 818 period , Including the global online auto show 、 Global car night 、 The whole people are happy to buy - Baicheng Auto Show 、 Star move live Wait for more wonderful activities to be staged in turn , Let each participant release their energy and enthusiasm .

    Besides ,818 The visual perception of the global online auto show has also been comprehensively upgraded , Adopt game design concept and 3D technology , Create an immersive exhibition experience , It's like you're on the scene , Free shuttle between various wonderful activities , Enjoy the carnival that swept the car industry .

    Of course , What the partners care about most is the activity Welfare , If you have been with “ One dollar second kill car ” just miss the person or opportunity , Then you must try “ Half price car every day ” and “ A dollar's second kill is worth 50000 ”, Maybe this year's car dream will come true here !

    All in all , Every family hopes that every partner can immerse themselves in their own festivals , For the love in my heart , This summer !

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