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Honda engineers admire it! What is the strength of BYD plug-in hybrid with a range of more than 1000km?

2021-08-27 21:48:49 Car home

Last article 《 Sales finally surpassed Tesla ! BYD's hybrid system is starting to work ?》 mention , A Tao was participating in a Honda brand activity before , Honda engineers are all interested in BYD DM-i The hybrid system expressed admiration . Because the same level of plug-in hybrid SUV, BYD's endurance can exceed 1000km, Honda can only do it 600 Many kilometers .

We're talking about BYD song PLUS DM-i And plug-in hybrid version CR-V, They are also plug-in hybrid , Honda is not as good as BYD ?

In fact, in terms of hybrid technology route , BYD DM-i And Honda i-MMD There are many similarities , Both have strong hybrid technology . however , When Honda wants to put its hybrid CR-V When building into a plug-in hybrid car , The problem is coming. , There's no room for the big and heavy power battery , In addition, a new battery management system will be equipped .

Automobile is a system engineering , To put it bluntly, it's just like a human body , Installing a bigger power battery is like transplanting a set of organs out of thin air , It's definitely a big operation , Or the one that doesn't succeed .

therefore , The only way to install a battery is to start from an insensitive place in system engineering —— Squeeze a little space in the trunk , Squeeze the tank space again , Um. ! Cut the fuel tank in half ——26 l , This makes the plug-in hybrid version CR-V The comprehensive endurance is only 600 It's more than a kilometer . But the good news is , The handling quality of this car 、 Comfort is not affected , It's still the one with good balance CR-V, Honda is really strong !

And on BYD's side , The chassis of plug-in hybrid car is almost specially made , After all , BYD has been thinking about plug-in hybrid for too long , The first generation plug-in hybrid system dates back to 2008 It was born in . Now , BYD's plug-in hybrid has developed to the third generation , The chassis structures of its plug-in hybrid cars and fuel vehicles have been significantly differentiated .

such as , This is song Pro Song Dynasty Pro DM, Both cars have almost the same shell , But lift the two cars , The chassis is so different that I believe any layman can see it .DM The chassis of the model is almost designed around the power battery and hybrid system , Regardless of the engine position 、 Fuel tank layout or front suspension structure , They are obviously different from fuel vehicles .

DM The model has even created a new rear suspension system , Such a big gesture will increase the cost . however BYD proved that again , Investment in technology research and development will always bring returns . Need to know , BYD's plug-in hybrid cars didn't sell well a few years ago , BYD's sales have been supported by fuel vehicles , After the plug-in mixing system is further improved , BYD this year DM-i Hybrid cars are hard to find in the market .

In fact, in the next few years , The lack of electrification reserves will make most Japanese brands face more and more embarrassment , such as , Honda's new electric car has to be built on GM's pure electric platform , that Can the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that Japanese car companies were once proud of go to war ? We'll talk about this topic next week .

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