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Top configuration only sells 119800! Four exhaust + black roof, handsome!

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8 month 14 Japan ,2021 Geely - Bingyue officially listed , New car launches 6 models , The official guidance price is 7.58-11.98 Ten thousand yuan . As a mid - term change model , New Geely - Binyue adopts a more radical design language , It also brings younger car paint colors and interior color matching . What are the characteristics of the new car ?

Geely - Yue Yue

At the end :

Throughout the SUV market , small SUV The number of is relatively small , The market cake is not big . In the years after listing , geely - Binyue has achieved good sales performance , Cumulative sales exceeded 36 Ten thousand units . Since its birth , geely - Bingyue aims its consumer groups at young users who pursue personality trends , The appearance of radical movement 、 Relatively excellent dynamic performance in the same level , For young consumers , The temptation is great .

New Geely - Bingyue further caters to the preferences of young people , The appearance style becomes more radical , More eye-catching . On the configuration side , New models have also been upgraded , Leather has been added to high configuration models / Suede mix and match seats 、72 Color interior, atmosphere lamp and other configurations , Stronger product competitiveness .

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