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Naked car 180000 Toyota c-hr, is it cost-effective? The owner said it!

2021-08-27 21:52:33 Car boundless

Hello everyone ! I'm Toyota C-HR The owner of the , The model mentioned is 2021 Double engine 2.0L E-CVT Deluxe edition , The price of the car is 18 ten thousand , It's on now 2355 km .

One 、 My reason for choosing a car

This C-HR I thought about it for a long time , At first I saw Camry , But the shape of the car didn't shine in front of me , I've always wanted to see it again , Looking for something else , I saw C-HR after , I think this Toyota brand has always been my favorite car , Quality stands the test , The design of large nostrils in the front face is very good , Carefully compared with other configurations , I really like , There are few such excellent at the same level , Just passing by , Just swipe your card directly .

Two 、 Appearance and interior feel

I don't just like the shape , The lines of the car are really elegant and smooth , The design of the little ass is awesome , Every time I look at the back, I can't put it , The structure of the front face is my pride , The headlights are also cool , The grille is exquisite and fashionable , The logo is full of expression , I like it very much .

The overall texture of the interior is good , From the room where I first saw the door , The material selection of the car is quite up to standard , Of course, it doesn't include the material of the seat , Very dirty , It was a small accident , Mainly because there are many people sitting , I'm a bit of a neat person , Basically, when you sit down, you have to wipe , Only I saw it was completely white , It can complete , The buttons on the center console also have the configuration control of the touch screen .

3、 ... and 、 Comfortable and sexy

The spatial layout is still very acceptable , The size and width of the seat are enough for a slightly fat person like me , No sense of crowding , Although it's small SUV, But I also try to sit in the back , No feeling of crowding , Friends usually get together , Or it's not impossible to go with your family , Especially the rear seats can be put down proportionally , Just can carry the above to achieve the design I want , The trunk can hold many large items ,C-HR The comfort of the is still very good , Because I think space is enough for me , The seat is also moderately soft and hard , The suspension is just soft , It can maintain good stability in some strokes , The car can also be stable when turning sharply , Tires are also good at grasping the ground , Travel is comfortable and safe .

Four 、 Driving and power feeling

The power performance is enough , It has good explosive power , You can feel it from the beginning , I'm a little strong under my feet , It's really fast , High speed acceleration does not regress , It feels great , From the matching of engine and gearbox, we can see that its technology is in place , Large displacement cars are easier to use than small displacement cars , Even if you don't drive fast , It doesn't mean there is no passion and speed , There is no difficulty in handling during driving , The steering wheel handles well , Smooth turning , It's not like driving my friend's car before , My arm hurts when I sleep at night , I really don't know how he drives every day , The steering wheel is too heavy , The brakes are very sensitive , Gave me enough confidence , I don't pay much attention to driving , If you can't brake immediately , It won't shake the car , High stability , For this engine , Fuel consumption is its pride , A hundred kilometers only 5 About data , Usually there are more cars in the city , Very economical , Compared with that kind of car , It's also something to be proud of , We all have it , however , Driving at a constant speed will be more effective , The fuel consumption will not be unexpectedly high .

5、 ... and 、 summary

First , I personally like Toyota cars very much , This C-HR We have been paying attention to ,SUV My style is what I like , It's a hybrid system , Fuel consumption is really saved , After I picked up the car , Mainly driving in the city , Instead of walking , There are too many red lights , Like traffic jams , Fuel saving materials are the last word , Every time I jump with my friends , They are envious , I want to change quickly .

Speaking of this dissatisfaction , I really don't think there is anything very inadequate , After all, I chose the car myself , The overall sense of use has reached my car standard , If you like it , You can accept all , I have to say subjective judgment , It can only be that the material of the seats inside the interior is not very satisfied with me , Especially not resistant to dirt , I'm a little clean , Basically, I have to wipe it again in a day or two , It's easy to get a little dust , And the touch screen , I prefer vacuuming , And there is no shortage of wet paper towels in the car .

From all sides , This C-HR You can see that , The level of configuration can be seen , This car has a long warranty , Have good after-sales support , about 20 For cars within ten thousand , The store has prepared nearly 10000 discounts , What kind of full car film also has maintenance coupons 、 Oil card 、 Footrest and backrest, etc , It's very affordable , If you have any questions , Can provide one-to-one service , Very sweet .

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