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6. In July, the sales volume continued to grow, and the ID. series of Volkswagen Bureau in China achieved initial results

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In recent days, , Volkswagen announced 7 Monthly sales in China , among ID. The total sales volume of series models reached 5810 platform , Compared with last month, it increased by about 70.1%, Continue to show growth . among ID.4 The sales volume of the two models is 3951 platform , Compared with last month, it increased by about 37.9%, SAIC Volkswagen's ID.4 X Sales doubled , Break through the 2300 platform ; and ID.6 Series in FAW Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ With the blessing of the new listing ,7 Monthly sales volume is 1859 platform , And 6 It increased by about... Compared with the previous month 262.4%. Behind this series of numbers , We can see that Volkswagen's electrification strategy in the Chinese market has achieved initial results .

Mr. Bang thinks , The public did two things right , That's product and marketing . At the product level ,ID.4 and ID.6 The series are popular MEB The first batch of pure electric made under the pure electric platform SUV models . The global delivery of Volkswagen branded electric vehicles in the first half of the year was almost three times that of last year —— Total about 16 Thousands of cars . Include : about 93,000 car BEV(+182%) A contract 66,000 car PHEV(+175%). In the first half of the year , Volkswagen pure electric vehicle ranks first in Europe , The market share is 15.4%, growth 4 percentage .ID.3、ID.4 and e-Up! Ranked among the top 10 sales in Europe .ID.4 It has been listed in Europe for less than six months , In many countries, the sales volume of electric vehicles is the first —— For example, in Ireland and Sweden . It also shows that global consumers are interested in the public MEB Trust of platform and supporting technology .

MEB The platform has many advantages , For example, the batteries are evenly arranged between the front and rear axles , It can make the vehicle have a balanced weight ratio ; The vehicle can achieve “ Four wheels and four corners ” Layout , The riding and loading space in the car can be more spacious , Let each ID. All models of the series have leapfrog performance ; The platform is highly intelligent , The software and hardware have a good fit ,OTA Great potential for upgrading ; Finally, the platform has high adaptability , Be able to change according to different market needs , Effectively reduce vehicle cost , At the same time, it can ensure that the products have excellent quality .

▲  The public MEB platform

Look at it this way ,MEB The platform really meets the needs of Chinese consumers , In particular, it can catch the biggest demand of Chinese consumers for cars : Space , With the opening of the triplets , Ordinary consumers will prefer models with flexible space . At this time, Volkswagen timely introduced compact pure electricity SUV models ID.4 series , At the same time, we will create medium and large-scale pure electricity for the Chinese market SUV models ID.6 series , These two cars enable families with different conditions and needs to choose a high-quality joint venture pure electric SUV models .

▲  The public ID.4 series

▲  The public ID.6 series

Besides , We can still be ID.4 and ID.6 See the dynamic and stable appearance on the ;IQ.Light Matrix headlights 、 human-computer interaction 、IQ.DRIVE L2+ Level of intelligent driving assistance 、AR HUD Augmented reality head up display and other intelligent configuration ; It's easy         Proper seat and chassis adjustment . Although some technologies and design concepts have been equipped on medium and high-end models of many brands , It's not new in the market . However, VW put these technologies and configurations in the beginning of implementing the electric transformation strategy ID.4 and ID.6 On the body , It shows the sincerity of meeting the actual needs of consumers in one step .

▲ IQ.Light Matrix headlights

▲ AR HUD Augmented reality head up display

This may be because Volkswagen will ID. The target users of the series focus on young people and women , Two groups are gradually becoming the core force of car purchase . Mr. Bang thinks , Consumers are getting younger because with the improvement of living standards , More families have         Conditions for the younger generation to buy a car , Young people can also afford the cost of daily car use ; And the increase of female consumers , Except for the second child 、 The release of the three tires makes more women's demand for cars stronger , It also stems from the improvement of Chinese women's social status and discourse power , more “ Sister sister ” I hope to show my personality and independent values by buying a car . According to CCTV Finance 《 A survey of China's beautiful life (2020-2021)》 According to the report ,2020 Women's new spending in , The proportion of automobile consumption increased to 22.28%, Has slightly surpassed men's 22%. in other words , Nowadays, female consumers are interested in buying cars , More positive .

In addition to the fact that the vehicle configuration is more in line with the needs of these two categories of consumers , Volkswagen is still very large in the marketing layer . First ID.4 and ID.6 Our sales model has adopted a combination of online and offline agent marketing model , Consumers can go through “ attachment ID.” Vehicle selection on platform line 、 A car , And then to 4S Store for offline delivery and follow-up service .

in addition , Like SAIC Volkswagen, it has also established in the prosperous sections of many cities ID.Store X Digital exhibition hall , It is now in Hangzhou 、 Chengdu , Three cities in Changsha opened , It is also planned that in a year and a half , In shenzhen, 、 Shanghai 、 Beijing 、 Guangzhou, etc 29 Three key cities were established 40 Many city exhibition halls . These exhibition halls and many new energy brands “ Experience shop ” The effect is the same , Create a fashionable and warm space for consumers , So that people can enjoy relaxed leisure services here at the same time , Experience Volkswagen electrification 、 The charm of Intelligent Technology .

▲  Hangzhou ID.Store X A corner of the digital exhibition hall

▲  Hangzhou ID.Store X A corner of the digital exhibition hall

SAIC Volkswagen has previously said ,ID. In the user community of the series 80 after 、90 The number of after is growing rapidly , Accounting for more than 50% The trend of . In addition, the proportion of female users has also reached 40%, Has been able to hold up ID. Series owner's “ Half the sky ”. This shows that the public ID. A series of the above-mentioned measures have achieved initial success . Next , Volkswagen works together with two joint venture partners , It will also be introduced into the public ID.3 Wait for more models , I believe it will also “ Unlock ” Buy more cars 、 New ways to play with cars and peripheral services . Although Volkswagen is still in the pure electric vehicle market “ Initial growth ” Stage , Even a brand new IP, But Mr. Bang still believes that it can become a trustworthy and excellent brand in the market ,ID. The series will also become an excellent model worthy of favor .

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