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Genesys gv60 may have wireless charging capability and is expected to be available in 2022

2021-08-27 22:00:52 Electric bond

According to foreign media recently , The new pure electric model of Hyundai Janice Seth GV60 Or will have wireless charging capability , This configuration is expected to appear through optional mode , This was originally a pilot project tested by Genesys in South Korea , At present, it is expected to be actually assembled on mass production models .

The main advantage of the wireless charging system is by canceling the plug-in and plug-in of the charging gun , Improve the convenience of home charging . Janice Seth GV60 The principle adopted is that when the vehicle equipped with wireless charging board stops on the corresponding charging board on the ground , Charging will start automatically .

This service is really more suitable for high-end luxury models , Because users of these models basically have their own basement or fixed parking spaces with better environment , It is convenient to install relevant wireless charging facilities . In addition, from the perspective of cost , The cost of installing wireless charging equipment is much higher than that of conventional plug-in gun charging pile , At present, only luxury brands can afford . But in terms of popularity , Wireless charging has not been recognized by consumers .

Janice Seth GV60 The supplier of wireless charging equipment is WiTricity, At the same time, the company will also become the wireless charging supplier of Hyundai Motor Group . For now , The output power of the home wireless charging device used in the new car may be 7kW or 11kW, Because this is 2020 year 10 The latest released power standard value of wireless charging equipment in June .

WiTricity Indicates that its wireless charging device is at a distance from the ground 250mm Within the scope of , The charging efficiency is expected to be 94%, This is because the device is also the same as an ordinary charging pile , With charging protection , So it's impossible to achieve 100% The efficiency of .

Some time ago, Janice Seth released GV60 A new set of official maps , The new car is based on Hyundai Group E-GMP Platform to build , It is positioned in the pure electric car SUV. The car adopts the geneseth family design language , The overall look is very sporty .

interiors , Janice Seth GV60 Simple layout design is adopted , There is a brown through the trim panel in the front row , It adds a sense of hierarchy to the interior . In addition, the new car is also equipped with a suspended screen , There are also two secondary displays on the front door , The air conditioning control area is a digital display with physical keys , The dual width steering wheel has a large area of multi-function key area . In the central armrest area , Janice Seth GV60 Adopt suspended design , It is equipped with a knob shift and a function control ball similar to a crystal ball .

motivation , It is expected that Janice Seth GV60 Will carry and Kia EV6 The same power system , With rear drive / There are two forms of 4WD , The maximum power of the rear drive version of the standard endurance version is 125kW; The maximum power of 4WD version is 173kW. In addition, the battery capacity varies according to the configuration , Yes 58kWh and 77.4kWh Two specifications .

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