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Gaohe automobile joined hands with Dow to launch luxense silicone leather vehicle end application in the world

2021-08-27 22:00:58 Electric bond

If one day , You accidentally spilled a large cup of coffee in your car , Your baby left the ice cream on the seat , Your pet jumped into the mud “ Throne ”, All you can do is collapse on the spot ? As an animal friendly environmentalist , Also want to have an interior that feels close to the skin like leather , But I can't find the best of both worlds ?

2021 year 8 month 21 Japan , Chinese express, a leading innovative travel technology company in China, and Dow, a global leader in material science, jointly announced in Shanghai , The scientific achievements of innovative materials developed by both sides —— The world's first high-end vehicle approved for automotive interior decoration LUXSENSE️ Silicone leather has been mass produced , It will be the first to be applied to luxury intelligent electric vehicles “ Evolvable super run SUV Gao He HiPhi X“ On , Provide users with safety and environmental protection 、 A new choice of luxurious interior with skin friendly luxury , Upgrade dimension again TECHLUXE Technology luxury sensory experience , Establish a new energy intelligent vehicle health system 、 Luxurious 、 A new benchmark for Sustainability .

The world's first silicone leather vehicle end application will take the lead in Gaohe HiPhi X On , Create a more elegant and luxurious atmosphere

Ding Lei, founder of Chinese express Gaohe automobile, introduced the world's first silicone leather vehicle end application to the guests

Ding Lei, founder of Chinese express Gaohe automobile ( Left five ) Dow Asia Pacific CTO Dr. Yao Weiguang ( Right four ) Jointly announced the world's first silicone leather vehicle end application

Ding Lei, founder of Chinese express Gaohe automobile, said :“ Chinese express starts from people , Continue to explore the application of global forward-looking technology in human travel , Committed to working with users to create TECHLUXE New brand experience of technology luxury . As a high-tech enterprise , Through the breakthrough of advanced technology to promote the change of industrial progress is the source power of our enterprise development . As a practical environmentalist , I promote the comprehensive cooperation between the company and Dow , From functional thinking to experiential thinking , It breaks the traditional single cooperation mode between traditional automobile factories and parts suppliers and raw material enterprises , Start directly from upstream material R & D , Based on the world's leading technology ‘ Daybreakers ’ Users create low-carbon and environmentally friendly future travel . Today's products seem to be an innovation of high-tech materials , But it is a great leap forward for our industry and human civilization , It will contribute to a more harmonious coexistence between man and nature .”

Said Dr. Yao Weiguang, chief technology officer of Dow Asia Pacific :“ Dow is committed to achieving a sustainable future with material innovation . Important changes being driven by the transportation industry , For the safety of a new generation of vehicles 、 intelligence 、 Health and comfort experience set higher goals . All these changes put forward new requirements for material science and upstream and downstream cooperation mode . Dow passed    MobilityScience     platform , Join hands with Chinese express to explore , It will bring innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to the automotive field .”

The world's first silicone leather material , It is Chinese express and Dow that gather global resources , This innovative material, which lasted for three years, is specially made for human health and luxury touch . Through continuous innovation and breakthrough in technology and R & D , So that it not only has a unique skin touch and delicate hand feel , More wear resistance 、 Aging resistance 、 Antifouling property 、 The flame retardancy has reached a new level , Anti fold 、 Easy to clean , Long lasting superior performance , Show consistent luxury style ; And does not contain harmful solvents and plasticizers , Tasteless and nonvolatile , Bring safety and health 、 A new lifestyle of low carbon and environmental protection . For the automotive field with extremely strict material requirements , The new silicone leather will undoubtedly bring more high-end products to users 、 A new choice for environmental protection , Let users enjoy “ comfortable 、 health 、 Luxurious ” Travel experience .

Dow global CEO Jim · Fitrin ( Left )2019 year 1 In June, I made a special trip to China with Ding Lei, founder of Chinese express Gaohe automobile ( Right ) Discuss the future oriented application of materials science , Promote environmental protection and sustainable development .

Chinese express and Dow in 2018 Strategic cooperation was reached in 2005 , Based on the “ Smart car 、 Zhijie transportation 、 Smart city ” Deep recognition of the three wisdom strategy , As well as the leading vehicle development ability of Chinese express and the top innovation strength of Dow in the field of material science , Both parties start from upstream materials , Develop safety structures 、 Environmentally friendly interior 、 Joint research and development in multiple directions such as lightweight , Grasp the trend of cutting-edge science and Technology , More innovative environmental protection materials will be applied to new energy intelligent vehicles .

It is reported that , Chinese express and Dow jointly promote the research and development of innovative materials 12 Many items , Among them, those that have been implemented and applied are 8 term , Except silicone leather , It also includes the acoustic foam displayed at the third China Import fair last year. 、 new type TC Series of innovative achievements such as battery thermal conductive materials . among , Acoustic foam especially for high HiPhi X The feature design of the whole vehicle cavity shall be filled , It can block the sound cavity ,100% eliminate NVH Acoustic cavity resonance , Bring more luxurious texture and quiet and comfortable driving experience , Win wide praise from users ; new type TC The density of series battery thermal conductive materials is lower than that of conventional thermal conductive pads 20% about , At the same time, it meets the requirements of high thermal conductivity and lightweight , It is more in line with the stringent requirements of high-end new energy intelligent vehicles applied in complex environments , While ensuring good battery performance , Improve the fire and flame resistance of battery pack .

The cooperation achievements of both sides have taken the lead in mass production and applied to Gaohe HiPhi X On , This high-end luxury intelligent electric vehicle was launched this year 5 In June, the national batch delivery was started according to the established plan , More than 1000 vehicles have been delivered in total , Users have spread all over the country 100 Multiple cities . Gaohe automobile will 9 Officially open in June LUXSENSE️ Fabric selection of light color interior of silicone leather , Let users enjoy unprecedented TECHLUXE Technology luxury sensory experience .

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