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Tesla released the latest OTA upgrade package developed by the Chinese team / a total of 7 improvements

2021-08-27 22:01:07 Electric bond

8 month 21 Japan , Tesla China officially released a new OTA Upgrade package , It is reported that this time OTA The upgrade was developed by Tesla's software R & D team in China , The version number is 2021.24.4, The total involved 7 Features , Some of them are optimized and upgraded according to the feedback and suggestions of Chinese users .

The first is to optimize the navigation function , In sections with complex traffic , For example, in the environment of multi lane or main and auxiliary roads , The navigation lane guidance function will be activated after a route is activated , Show more lanes in advance on the map , Help the driver pay attention to the driving route earlier , Change lanes in time . In addition, based on more accurate positioning , The driver can switch the main road at any time / Side Rd 、 On the bridge / Under the bridge , The navigation will also re route according to the latest starting position .

At the same time, the upgraded navigation broadcast function can provide more information along the way , Like speed radar 、 Traffic signal camera and bus lane monitoring, etc , Help drivers better comply with traffic regulations on the road , safe driving .

The second item is added “ Car washing mode ”, In this state , The vehicle will lock the charging port , Close all windows and front and rear spare boxes , Turn off the wiper at the same time 、 Sentry mode and auto lock out function . This function needs to be displayed on the central control screen “ control ” Under the page , find “ service ” term , Click in and you'll find “ Car washing mode ” 了 .

The third is that the anti dazzle function of the rear-view mirror can be actively turned off , This applies to the interior with anti dazzle function / Outside rearview mirror , Avoid that the rear-view mirror cannot be seen clearly at night due to the window after the film and the anti dazzle function . The specific operation is to find the rearview mirror option through the quick control , And then choose “ Automatic dimming of rearview mirror ”.

The fourth item is the function optimization of tachograph , Add the function that the dash cam video can be saved automatically in case of emergency , After opening, as long as the vehicle detects an accident , You can automatically save the current recorder video to the ontology . Tesla officials also made a special statement , The video will only be saved locally , Not uploaded to Tesla .

The fifth item is to add the maintenance during driving Wi-Fi Connection function , Just turn on the phone hotspot , You can continue to use more online music and other functions .

The sixth item is to improve the endurance display function , The driver can click the mileage number next to the battery icon on the top of the central control screen , Switch the display mode of remaining endurance , At present, there are two forms of remaining percentage and remaining driving kilometers .

The last item is the addition of multiple language packs , Including Hungarian 、 Romanian and Russian , At the same time, it is reflected in the page text and voice interaction .

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