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Elegant pure electric sports car running real shot ice powder diamond version of Euler lightning cat

2021-08-27 22:01:15 Electric bond

8 month 20 Japan , Great Wall Euler officially released the new color of lightning cat , be known as “ Ice powder drill ”. When I first heard the news , My first reaction was , This model of positioning pure electric sedan also has to go “ Soft and cute ” The route is over ? Just right , Euler gave me a chance to get a closer look .

appearance : Blend elegance and movement

From the side , Lightning cat uses a slender nose , The design of the combination of round body and large slope sliding back , The advantage of this is to make the lightning cat's posture both dynamic and elegant . At the same time, the high waist line design on the side of the body , It also visually adds a steady and solid effect to this car , Help lightning cat shape the texture of high-grade coupe .

In addition, there are many small elements to enhance the sense of fashion on the body of lightning cat , Such as chrome trim 、 dingy B column 、 Concealed door handle 、 The bulge of the rear wheel arch 、 The surface under the door 、 Side skirt with bright chrome strip and five petal wheel hub .

But it doesn't include the exterior rearview mirror and the camera under the charging port , Because in the current concept car design , These two parts bring more scientific and technological improvements to the body .

Front face design , The most recognizable thing about the lightning cat is a pair of bright round lights , Plus a circle of chrome “ Eyeliner ”, It's still more exquisite .

The lower part of the front face of the lightning cat shows its motion orientation . The closed grid adopts dot matrix granular decorative plate , From a distance, it looks very much like the skin of a lizard , Let the front face “ ferocious ” up , And the trim strips on both sides let the lightning cat “ Armed to the teeth ”, Full of power .

The tail of the lightning cat has two bright spots , One is the tail lamp with oval shape and chrome trim , Plus placed on the raised rear wheel arch , The visual effect is very powerful . In addition, there is a huge canopy extending from the roof to the trunk hatch cover , It extends the slender feeling of the car body in the visual effect .

Of course , The tail of lightning cat will still have some fashionable design elements , For example, there are two arc-shaped lamp strips below the tail , Metal trim strip surrounded under the bottom , These details add layers to the tail of the lightning cat .

Summary : On the whole , The lightning cat grasps the posture and momentum properly , Not many models “ cop-out ” Regret of , It also avoids excessive exaggeration to catch the eye .

interior : Both hard core and soft

In the front row design , The most conspicuous thing about lightning cat is this “ Three barrel ” Designed , Although it's full of HD digital displays , But there is still a strong smell of hard core . Another interesting thing is , Whether we're outside the door , Still in the driver's position , The central “ Barrel ” The speed figures in the can be clearly displayed , The magic of Mona Lisa's smile , I don't know if it was deliberately done .

There is a roller on the multi-function key area on both sides of the lightning cat steering wheel , When the driver is driving , You can choose one of the rollers to operate according to your preferences or good habits . If this function can be retained during mass production and the actual use effect is good , It would be a bonus .

At present, there is only a horizontal suspended display in the center console area of lightning cat , Below it is a long suspended platform , It is equipped with a panel and a knob to control the temperature of the air conditioner , There is nothing else . If you follow the current layout , The panel is expected to have most of the operating functions , Even electronic braking 、 Driving mode 、 Camera control, etc .

Under the suspended platform , Many people may think that the lightning cat will be made into a huge storage tank like many models . But in fact, this part only has a small storage tank , But there are two USB Interface , One can charge , One can also transmit data .

In front of the co driver , Lightning cat is equipped with a carbon fiber suspension trim panel , The simple shape looks fresh and tidy , The carbon fiber panel increases the sports atmosphere .

Lightning cat adopts frameless door design , At the same time, the combination of brown leather and bright silver metal is used inside the door , Whether it looks or feels, it has advanced retro texture .

On the front door , I also found one with “Open—Close” Metal trim strip for identification . Such a design is full of expectations , Is the mass-produced lightning cat going to use “ slide ” Open and close the door ? Or this model can be equipped with electric suction door ?

Lightning cat's front seats are designed in a sporty style , But the side wall is not very thick and hard . In addition, although the exhibition car is not allowed to sit , But you can still feel the softness of the cushion and back cushion through touch . This also shows that although the lightning cat is a sports style , But we will also pay attention to the comfort experience of drivers and passengers .

The rear row of the lightning cat adopts a two seat layout , And there is a fixed armrest box in the middle . The style of the rear seats is similar to that of the front seats , It's also a partial movement , But the texture emphasizes comfort and luxury . And behind the front armrest box , It is a rear air conditioning outlet similar to the fan of aircraft engine , The overall shape has a strong mechanical texture .

Summary : The interior atmosphere and appearance of lightning cat are still somewhat different , Its front row design will be harder , But the seat and steering wheel have considerations for comfort and convenience ; The layout of the two seats in the back row is expected to be only an option for the lightning cat , The regular version should still be an ordinary through seat . In addition, in the interior materials of lightning cat , I can also feel that this car hopes to pass the advanced texture , Win more consumers .

State comments

At the beginning of the lightning cat project , Euler wants users to participate in the design of new cars as much as possible 、 Under development , So the inside and outside design of lightning cat 、 Work with makings 、 Including this launch “ Ice powder drill ” Color matching , The R & D team listened carefully to the suggestions of CO creating users “ For those routes ” Of . According to Euler , The model is expected to open pre-sale in the fourth quarter of this year , It is planned to be officially listed in the first half of next year , I hope it will have a price and configuration more in line with consumers' taste , Plus the existing appearance and workmanship , To be real “ Hot style ”.

by the way , This kind of “ Ice powder drill ” The version of Euler lightning cat will also be displayed at the upcoming Chengdu auto show , Conditional friends can go to the auto show and feel this model closely .

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