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Tank 600 was officially renamed tank 500. On August 29, the world's first show of Chengdu auto show

2021-08-27 22:02:22 Car cloud network

The annual Chengdu International Auto Show will be held in 8 month 29 The opening day , The major auto brands are also gearing up . among , Rim “ Topic Wang ” The tank brand has made another big move recently , A popular new tank 600, Officially renamed tank 500, And will usher in the world's first show at Chengdu International Auto Show .

For the tank brand , Powerful is never a name , But the power itself .

“ Iron Man tenderness ” Sublimate again , tanks 500 Performance of strength

Follow tank 300 after , tanks 500 It can be described as a deeper interpretation of the tank brand “ Iron Man tenderness ” The brand proposition of , It aims to break the gap between business luxury and hard off-road , With “ Medium and large business luxury SUV” New category , Subvert market cognition again , Provide users with more comfortable 、 More comfortable and high-quality travel life .

tanks 500 It was born in Great Wall Motors 5 Global intelligent professional off-road platform built in —— Tank platform , Adopt non load bearing body structure , It's a cross-country status symbol , It has adaptability to all road conditions .

First match “3.0T+9AT”, Occupy the commanding height of China's powertrain

In terms of motivation , tanks 500 Equipped with Great Wall Motor self-developed flagship “3.0T+9AT” powertrain , Regardless of technology or parameters , Are comparable to similar products of overseas luxury brands , It also represents a significant step forward in the core technical strength of Chinese automobile brands .

The engine not only reaches its maximum power 260kW, More in 1500-4500rpm Realization 500N·m Peak torque , Light road 、 mountain path 、 sand 、 Mud and other complex road conditions . More benefit from double VGT Supercharger support , stay 1000rpm Can burst 340N·m Super torque , You can feel a strong feeling of pushing your back by gently stepping on the accelerator . Besides , The engine is equipped with P0 48V Light mixed system , It not only brings a silky smooth non sensory starting experience , Cooperate with Miller cycle 、 whole MAP Oil pump, etc , Take fuel economy to the next level .

Match the engine 9AT The transmission , It is the first self-developed vertical product of Chinese brand 9AT, Created a precedent in the industry . Maximum 750N·m Torque carrying capacity , Provide powerful space for later modification ; Speed ratio range 8.843, Per hour 90km/h You can hang in 9 block , Greatly reduce the fuel consumption of high-speed Cruise , Improve the convenience of long-distance crossing .

in summary , tanks 500 From outside to inside , Deep interpretation of “ Medium and large luxury business SUV” The potential energy of the product should be . As the second product of tank brand , It has shouldered the mission of helping the tank brand continue to rise , Its importance is self-evident . And tanks 600 Renamed tank 500 after , Empty tanks 600 name , It also brings endless reverie to the market , What models will the tank brand launch in the future , Worth waiting for !

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