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China's first underground hydrogen storage well hydrogenation station completed

2021-08-27 22:07:31 Car cloud network

According to China News Agency , Sinopec Chongqing's first hydrogenation station —— The mid levels Ring Road Comprehensive energizing station was officially completed recently . This is the first hydrogenation station in China to apply hydrogen storage well technology , Daily hydrogen supply capacity 1000 kg , It will provide hydrogenation services for the first batch of hydrogen energy demonstration buses and urban logistics vehicles in Chongqing , Contribute to the development of hydrogen energy industry in Chongqing .

Hydrogen storage well refers to a well buried deep underground 150 Rice or so 、 Hydrogen storage buried well made of special materials , It has high safety factor 、 Small floor area, etc , Its floor area is only one tenth of the ground hydrogen storage equipment commonly used at present . Sinopec owns the independent intellectual property rights of the core technology of hydrogen storage wells , It will have a demonstration effect on the configuration and reconstruction of subsequent hydrogenation stations .

Sinopec Banshan Ring Road comprehensive energy station is located in Longmen array Avenue, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing , Covers an area of 4000 Square meters . In addition to hydrogenation , Gas filling can also be provided 、 Charge 、 Automobile service and other services , Daily satisfaction 100 Hydrogen demand for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles .“ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” period , Sinopec is expected to plan and build in Chongqing 30 Hydrogenation stations .

China petroleum & chemical corporation “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” During the planning layout 1000 Hydrogenation stations 、5000 Seat replacement station 、7000 Distributed photovoltaic power generation station . At present, the annual capacity of hydrogen is more than 350 Ten thousand tons of , Accounting for... Of the national hydrogen production 14% about , Already in Guangdong 、 Shanghai 、 Zhejiang 、 guangxi 、 guizhou 、 Hainan, etc 14 Three provinces were built 21 Hydrogenation stations , To Guangdong 、 Shanghai 、 The cumulative hydrogen supply in Zhejiang and other places exceeds 700 Tons of .

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