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Equipped with a self-developed 3.0T six cylinder engine, such a tank 600 is more "domineering" than Prado!

2021-08-27 22:26:42 Owner's Guide

The high-end brand of Great Wall Motors WEY The tank was launched at the end of last year 300 in the future , Because of its unique personality 、 Excellent off-road capability and competitive pricing , It is quickly sought after by the market , The tank has even been upgraded to a brand independent of WEY And exist . According to the dealer , Because sales are too hot , Far more than the Great Wall expected , Great Wall factory has also repeatedly heard the news of insufficient production capacity , Plus worldwide “ Chip shortage ”, Cause tanks 300 Although it has been launched for more than half a year , But it is still in “ A car is hard to get ” The state of , It takes less time to order a car 3 It takes months to get the car , The second-hand market is even higher , There is even a strange scene that second-hand cars are more expensive than the landing price of new cars .

Have to say , The team of tank brand is a first-class expert in operation , Except tanks 300 Beyond hunger Marketing , The tank also launched the tank 300 Several special edition models , For consumers with different needs , For example, tanks more suitable for cities 300 City version , Tanks with further upgrading of off-road capability 300 Ranger version , A tank that shows its personality and avant-garde 300 Cyberpunk , At the Shanghai auto show, we brought walking “ Off road vehicle armor ” Style tanks 700 And luxury route tanks 800, Continuously maintain the market heat of the brand .

Recently, the tank brand has a new action , Positioning medium and large scale SUV My tank 600 The first wave of official maps was officially released . According to the internal naming of the tank , Models with singular numbers take the hard core off-road route , Models with even numbers take luxury off-road routes . So this is the way to think about it , It's not hard for you to understand why tanks 600 And tanks 300 The designs have little in common .

In terms of appearance , tanks 600 The overall design of the model draws lessons from its own Harvard H9 Style , And a lot of Harvard H9 My fans are not satisfied with Harvard H9 Delay in replacement , Think tanks 600 Actually, it's Harvard H9 Of “ Upgrade ”. Just from the appearance design , Such speculation is also reasonable .

tanks 600 Large size front grille is adopted , And decorated with a large area of chrome plated decoration , With internal multi spoke chrome plated strips and two raised muscle lines on the hood , Give people a strong sense of visual impact , If it weren't for the huge tanks LOGO Remind me , I really thought it was an American pickup truck .

tanks 600 A lot of straight lines are used on the side of the car body , Tough and square ,D The columns are wide and thick , Also used a very thick chrome decoration , The wheel arch shape is prominent , The wheel arch design in the same color as the body is used , Full of power . The tank can also be seen very clearly from this angle 600 The ground clearance is very high , Lay a solid foundation for its off-road trafficability .

In the tail , The tail lamp adopts a vertical shape , There is still a lot of chrome decoration around , What we are looking forward to “ Big schoolbag ” The spare tire is also not absent . tanks 600 The length, width and height are respectively 5070/1934/1905mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm, Except that the body length is longer than Harvard H9 Long 200mm outside , Other dimensions are closer to .

tanks 600 What people expect most is the power configuration , It will be the first one equipped with... Independently developed by Great Wall Motors 3.0T Six cylinder turbocharged engine models , The maximum power of the engine is 354 horsepower , Peak torque can reach 500Nm, The data has completely reached the international mainstream 3.0T Engine level . Matched with it is a machine also developed by the Great Wall 9AT Automatic transmission , In the future, this powertrain will also be used in tanks 700 And tanks 800 Wait for a higher-level model , For this set of “ China core ” The actual performance of , The outside world is also quite looking forward to .

Besides , tanks 600 Based on the tank platform of Great Wall Motors , Adopt non load bearing body structure , That's what we call it “ Girder body ”, Equipped with TOD Time sharing 4WD system , tanks 300 Upper “ Three locks ”、 The tank turned around 、 Peristaltic mode and other off-road highlights will also be equipped one by one , Guaranteed the tank 600 Off road performance of .

According to the plan of Great Wall Motors , tanks 600 It will open this weekend 2021 Debut at Chengdu auto show , It is expected that the fourth quarter or 2022 It was officially launched in the first quarter of . According to the tank 600 Positioning and power specifications , It is expected that the selling price will not be lower than 30 Ten thousand yuan .

Early years , The domestic off-road vehicle market has been for a long time Jeep、 Toyota 、 Mitsubishi and other brands occupy , With the continuous development of domestic brands , Independent brands led by the Great Wall continue to impact on this market , One after another launched Harvard H9、 Great Wall cannon 、 tanks 300 And other models with strong off-road performance , With super high cost performance , Slowly gained the recognition of the market , Realized the off-road dream of many car fans . tanks 600 Launch , It sounded the clarion call for independent brand off-road models to enter the high-end market .

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