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BYD's "killer mace" is to be hard?

2021-08-27 22:26:53 Owner's Guide

Recently, BYD's hottest new car is the upcoming Dolphin , This is based on BYD e platform 3.0 The new car launched , It uses a design style that BYD has never had before , This is a bright sight . in addition , Dolphin is a kind of “e network ” Models under .

If you don't know enough about BYD , Here is a brief explanation : Previously, BYD divided its product series into two plates , han 、 The tang dynasty 、 The song dynasty 、 element 、 Qin these cars belong to “ Dynasty Series ”,e1、e2、e3 It is “e Net series ”.

The purpose of this classification is obvious ,“ dynasty ” Focus on markets with higher prices ,“e network ” For lower priced markets . But because of the Qin Dynasty 、 element 、 Song, the price of these models is not high enough , It leads to the formation of involution within the family , Plus “e network ” Our products are not competitive , therefore “e network ” The models began to decay .

Later , BYD even directly put song 、 The song dynasty Pro、 The song dynasty Plus The sales right of these three generations of Song Dynasty was placed in “e network ” Shop , To maintain operation . After the dolphins came , This situation may improve , But if you want to completely reverse this situation , Alone “ A dolphin ” Obviously not enough , Byd's “e network ” Need more new cars .

So in the declaration information of the Ministry of industry and information technology some time ago , I saw a model called “F5” BYD's new car .

Shell change “ The qin dynasty Plus”?

According to the declaration data of the Ministry of industry and information technology ,F5 The length, width and height are respectively 4780/1837/1495mm, The wheelbase is 2718mm. Except for the length ratio “ Dynasty Series ” Qin Plus A little longer , Other body dimensions are exactly the same .

And in the power part ,F5 Will adopt DM-i Plug in hybrid system ,1.5L The engine + Blade battery +EHS Electric hybrid system .

Like to see , take F5 As biadiqin Plus The shell changing model is not too .

It's just that ,F5 How much to sell has become an interesting thing , Now Qin Plus DM-i models , price is 10.58-14.58 Ten thousand yuan . hypothesis F5 Lower price than it , Obviously Qin Plus DM-i Life will be hard , But if the price is consistent , It's like beating yourself up .

Have to say , BYD's wave of operation is a little confused . Do they want to F5 Configuration level 、 Work materials are all pulled down ? In exchange for a lower price ? After all, as a style “ Shell change models ”,F5 The cost of R & D will not be too high , So I want to lower the price , We can only start with the product itself .

Maybe there's another possibility ,F5 Will be BYD “e Net series ” Position the vehicle on the high side , and “ Dynasty Series ” Models with low prices form a certain connection . The appearance of the two will be the biggest difference , Car owners choose according to their own aesthetics . however , I think the follow-up will be good for F5 Forming obstacles , Positioning is not the main factor .

What consumers are most concerned about

since F5 Adopted DM-i technology , Then we can rest assured about the performance of fuel consumption . There is one saying. , BYD's set DM-i The fuel saving ability is really extraordinary .

actually , Byd's DM-i The car sales performance is really good , In July, Qin Plus DM-i Sold 9127 platform , In this way, it is not impossible to sell more than 10000 yuan a month . But now one of the biggest problems is production capacity , BYD sent a message a few months ago DM-i Notice of insufficient model capacity , It is expected that after the deposit is paid 2-3 It takes months to collect the car .

This situation has led to a lot of complaints about BYD DM-i Potential owners with a strong interest in the model , Hesitated because the delivery cycle was too long , Even didn't place an order in the end .

So it really affects BYD F5 Of subsequent sales , I think it's still the factor of production capacity . Whenever production capacity is guaranteed , The waiting time for car owners is shortened to about a month , Then this new car should not worry about selling .

Can save “e network ” Do you ?

I don't think F5 Can give “e network ” stay C The end consumer part brings great hope , Because it is similar to Qin Plus It's a car .F5 It is very likely to pull down the configuration 、 Reduce the material level , After the price comes down , For the online car Hailing market .

For Internet car drivers , Interior materials 、 Technology configuration these things are all fancy , Fuel economy is the most important thing . The car saves fuel , Operating costs can be reduced , The profit of online car Hailing can be increased .

BYD has launched a model specially designed for online car Hailing D1, Now I've seen a lot on the streets of Guangzhou . It's just D1 It's a pure electric car , Even if the operating cost is much lower than that of fuel vehicles , But it will still be affected by the charging time 、 Impact of reduced endurance , So BYD has a very low fuel consumption F5 Then there is the meaning of existence .

Friends who often use online car hailing in Guangzhou can also notice , Many companies have the opportunity to choose the hybrid model of Toyota leiling , A big reason is to save fuel , I even saw an online taxi driver , Its comprehensive fuel consumption is only 3.8L/100km. And this fuel consumption performance , Byd's DM-i Technology can also achieve . Suppose you add business cooperation or government subsidies , So BYD F5 Maybe it will become the of the online car Hailing market “ The bestselling ”.

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