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Toyota can earn 700 million a month by raising the price alone?

2021-08-27 22:26:55 Owner's Guide

Talking about price increases , The first model that comes to mind must be Toyota's ELFA series , In a few years ago “ At its peak ”, The official price is more than 800000 ELFA , The price of the terminal even reached 120 Wan even 130 Ten thousand yuan , The price increase alone is enough to buy another low configuration overbearing .

however , With the twin wilfa slowly rising and higher 、 Add more Lexus LM The birth of , Now the price increase of ELFA is not as exaggerated as it was , But according to the version 、 Different configurations and colors , The rate of price increase has also been maintained at 30 Wan Shang Xia , The higher the configuration, the greater the price increase . that , I wonder if you've ever been curious , ELFA, where price increases are so rampant , How many cars can you sell in a month ?

A month's hard money 7.7 Billion

stay 7 month MPV In the sales breakdown list , Toyota ELFA to 2577 Sales of cars , Ranked No. in the general list 10 position , It's even better than Baojun 730 And Wuling Hongguang PLUS Sell even better .

Not to mention that this sales figure is for a machine priced at nearly one million MPV How terrible it is for me , If we increase the price according to the average car 30 Ten thousand rough calculations , That's just 7 month , this 2577 The revenue from the price increase of ELFA has reached amazing 7.7 RMB !

In this year 1-7 month , ELFA's cumulative domestic sales have reached 15020 car , In this way , The net profit that the car brings to the dealer exceeds 45 RMB , This profit level is difficult for many brands to achieve all year .

Who has all the money in his pocket ?

Before we shout “ Garbage Toyota !” Before , We might as well calm down and think about , Whose pocket did these billions go into ?

at present , There are two main ways to sell ELFA in China : First, it is officially imported by Toyota , Put it in 4S In store sales “ Medium gauge vehicle ”, At present, Toyota's quota for the Chinese market is about one month 400-500 platform , A year in 5000 cars , Obviously, this part of sales alone can not meet the needs of a large number of local tyrants in China , So there is a second way —— Parallel entrance .

At present, Toyota ELFA's parallel imports 3C The certification is owned by only one car dealer in Shanghai , So , Except Toyota official , ELFA in the domestic market is almost monopolized by this company .

According to what we know , At present, ELFA imported in parallel is mainly European version and Taiwan version , The price of the high configuration version of ELFA sold in China is about 35-40 Ten thousand yuan between , Taking into account the tariff to be provided by imported cars 、 The VAT 、 The consumption tax ( Displacement tax ) in the future , The total introduction cost is about 70 Ten thousand yuan , Don't forget , This is a 3.5L The cost of version ELFA , At present, due to 6 Implementation of emissions , The main selling model of ELFA in China has become 2.5L Hybrid version , The displacement tax is also from the previous 25% Turned into 9%, The introduction cost has been greatly reduced , In other words , At present, the profits of parallel import ELFA are much higher than before .

therefore , As the manufacturer of ELFA , Toyota's profit seems to be less than that of parallel import automakers ?

Is Toyota wrong ? It's not

since , It is only some rich consumers who deify ELFA , At the same time, the price increase part “ Big head ” It didn't really get into Toyota's pocket , But in the end, everyone scolded Toyota , Isn't Toyota very unjust ?

It's not .

GAC Toyota, as the leading manufacturer of CGI ELFA , After introducing an ELFA from Japan ( The cost is much lower than parallel imports ), Will 80 Wholesale to local dealers at a price of about 10000 , Then the dealer will sell it , Due to the shortage of models , Therefore, the dealer will certainly not miss the opportunity to increase the price .

And as the leader , Although GAC Toyota is only responsible for wholesale vehicles to dealers , But because they have “ The power of life and death ”, For dealers who want to get the ELFA quota, they often need to “ Tying ” Other models , And the tie-in will definitely not be Lei Ling 、 Cars like Highlander that are also not worried about selling , It will be dazzle 、C-HR Even iA5 This kind of unpopular car .

In order to make up for the turnover pressure brought by these unsalable models , The dealers must be on ELFA “ Make up ”, Therefore, price increases have become the norm .

For Toyota , In fact, there are 10000 ways to eliminate the bad atmosphere of ELFA's price increase , For example, increase the quota of medium-sized vehicles every year 、 No tie-in with the dealer 、 Reduce the wholesale price to dealers, etc , But they did take “ Turn a blind eye ” The attitude of , One side , ELFA such a phenomenal product can really bring a lot of profits to the brand , On the other hand , Maintaining its tight situation will also help to improve the topic and brand positioning of Toyota brand .

Except occasionally “ Non target consumer groups ” Except for two words of scolding , ELFA's price increase bureau is actually beneficial to Toyota .

Social cards are its greatest value

The symbolic meaning of identity is much higher than the power of products, which is my biggest impression of ELFA car , For those who are willing to spend more than a million on an ELFA , What they value is by no means the product power of this car . After all, after a long period of media and public opinion rendering , The general public's recognition of the value of ELFA has long been solidified , As we all know, this is a valuable car , It's like the Balencia on the feet of the rich 、 Like Givenchy —— Not necessarily good-looking 、 How comfortable , But it can represent identity .

The same is true of what ELFA can provide for car owners , Except for the two seats in the middle row , Its chassis is not necessarily very comfortable , Power is not strong , But it can let people around know in an instant :“ He is the kind who is willing to spend thousands of yuan on a white T A rich man with a T-shirt .”

Step back , The existence of cars like ELFA is actually a great blessing for them , After all, one million is already the ceiling of such models , To a certain extent, it also saves you big bosses “ Compare with ” The trouble of .

Just imagine , If you buy an executive car ,BBA There's a Porsche on it , There's Bentley on the Porsche , There is Rolls Royce above Bentley , If big bosses compare with each other, it's really endless . And ELFA is expensive , But multimillionaire boss Li can afford , Boss Chen, who runs a small company, can afford , Since everyone is sitting “ The ceiling ”, Naturally, there will be no embarrassment .

Of course , Buying is never as good as selling , You see ,200 Million Lexus LM Isn't this coming ?

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