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Why does Volkswagen Jetta have to experience life? Isn't it good to be a rich second generation

2021-08-27 22:27:00 Owner's Guide

Thirty years ago , faw - Volkswagen was officially established , Take Jetta to China with the mentality of testing the water .

What is unexpected is , Jetta, originally unpopular in its European hometown , Red in this new market , Jetta also ushered in the highlight moment at that time , And for a long time , Jetta is FAW - The fist product of Volkswagen brand . faw - The public has today's achievements , It is inseparable from the foundation accumulated by Jetta models in those years .

however , Because Jetta models are extremely popular in the terminal market , Therefore, the car series has not been vertically upgraded , It has been sold by sewing for more than 20 years , very “ Strive ” Ground extraction PQ32 The last residual value of the platform . And that's why , Domestic Jetta models are gradually derailed from overseas markets , Even the latest Jetta , Also only PQ25 L It's just a product of the platform .

Of course , faw - Volkswagen has not stopped introducing overseas models , But the first generation of domestic Bora and the later Sagitar are real Jetta (jetta) models , Jetta, which has dominated the taxi market and driving schools over the years, is actually in vain , The value and influence of Jetta car series are much lower than before , Finally, it even became FAW - The threshold of the public .

Jetta operates independently

When time comes 2019 year , faw - Volkswagen simply cancelled the Jetta car line , Upgrade Jetta car series to Jetta brand , And endows Jetta brand with a brand new LOGO, And more difficult tasks . In terms of brand positioning , Jetta brand is better than FAW - Volkswagen lower half , The main task is to seize the sinking market , So as to help FAW - Volkswagen's impact on annual sales 300 The target of 10,000 vehicles , At present, the brand has launched VS5、VA3 and VS7 models .

And this year , It's FAW - The 30th anniversary of Volkswagen Jetta entering the Chinese market . In Jetta's infancy , faw - A new round of organizational structure and responsibility transfer of Volkswagen has also been completed recently , Follow the plan , Jetta brand sales department will be transferred to FAW - Under the Jetta brand of Volkswagen Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch .

In other words , Jetta brand will completely become FAW - Volkswagen's sub brand , In the future, the integration of production and marketing will be realized in Chengdu , And independent operation .

The public still “ Dad ”

Reading “ Integration of production and marketing ” and “ Independent operation ” And so on , Many people misunderstand that Jetta brand will be separated from FAW - The public is independent , It will be led by FAW Group .

It's not , Some insiders of Jetta brand responded : Volkswagen brand is a global brand , So of course not from , It can only be said that the independence of Jetta brand has been improved again .

jetta VS5 It's actually a bid change, SIAT Ateca

And the improvement of Jetta's brand independence , On the one hand, it reduces the steps of two-way reporting , In the future, you only need to report to Chengdu Branch , It can bring higher internal decision-making efficiency . On the other hand, when Jetta brand realizes the integration of production and marketing , The sales side can directly feed back the demand of the post market to the production side , In addition, the sales side has a greater voice over the products , The future is conducive to rapid product evolution , Improve product competitiveness .

So in general , faw - Volkswagen is still the brand of Jetta in the future “ Dad ”, The future endorsement of Jetta brand is still FAW - The public ( Change the bid ). The difference is , the “ Dad ” Will give “ son ” More free space , The core of Jetta brand's independent operation this time is to improve efficiency .

The most promising bastard ?

In fact, Jetta upgraded from a car line to a brand two years ago , Not favored by mass consumers . In your opinion , The target consumers of Jetta models are more interested in “VW” Logo and Jetta's feelings , It's not because of how good Jetta's product power is after putting aside the brand and story . Until today, , This view still exists ,“ One bid difference , Good as a mile ”.

Need to know , Jetta models in 2019 Before, the monthly sales volume was approaching 4 Thousands of cars , It is the brand of Jetta today 3-4 times , The penetration rate of a single model is higher than that of three models . So for now , Jetta brand has not only not become FAW - Volkswagen's impact on annual sales 300 New growth point of 10000 vehicles , Instead, it's holding back , Make FAW - VW loses more than... Every year 30 Ten thousand sales .

But then again , Compared with other joint venture brands “ bastard ”, Current monthly sales 1 The Jetta brand of about 10000 vehicles can be said to be “ Outstanding ”, As for the Siming brand of Dongfeng Honda , The concept brand of GAC Honda , And return to... At the beginning of the year “ Nissan Dad ” Embrace Dongfeng Nissan Qichen , Or it's dying , Or it is not recognized by the terminal market , Sales are weak .

But even the Jetta brand , Still worrying is , The ceiling of Jetta brand is not high , The future possibility of the brand is even smaller than that of SAIC Volkswagen Skoda brand , Or only in 15 The sinking market within 10000 yuan . Plus the parent brand FAW - The influence of the public is also declining silently , And FAW - How far can Jetta, a popular brand endorser, go in the future , How high do you fly ?

Maybe Jetta is the most promising bastard , But is it worth FAW - People do this , That's another thing .

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