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newest! The owner of Weilai who issued the joint statement will speak again!

2021-08-27 22:27:04 Owner's Guide

In recent days, , Weilai automobile was involved in the uproar due to the accidental death of its owner , Wei Lai in the center of the vortex once said , Until the final investigation results are confirmed, there will be no external voice . And yesterday , A by the owner of Weilai “ Joint statement ” Once again, the event of Weilai was brought back to the hot search of the whole network .

And then , We found Wei Lai APP Our community 、 At the beginning, many car owners said they “ be said to be represented ”, and APP The topic of “ Joint statement against car owners ” Also established spontaneously by car owners , The words are fierce , Many car owners object to the opinions of the car owners who made the statement , Also opposed to being represented . As of press time , Already near 5000 Famous car owners participate in the topic discussion .

The owner of Weilai who issued the statement said again

Because in the group of car owners 、 The community continues to be @,8 month 18 Japan 22:30, The nickname of the suspected statement is “ Lawyer Lin Wei ” The owner of the car finally came to Weilai APP Post a response with your own account . The core point of view is :“ Not on behalf of anyone , You're sitting in the right seat , Signed 500 Everyone is the owner of Weilai , Have free will and confidence .”

And in the comment area of this post , existing 800 A post reply , But only 42 Like . Other car owners think , the ES8 Original owner “ Lawyer Lin Wei ” It's playing a word game .

Wei Lai said he didn't know

According to a person familiar with the matter , Weilai has indicated that it was unaware of the joint statement of the car owners in advance .

But according to the author's search , Two places worth noting , On the one hand, the nickname for the joint statement is “ Lawyer Lin Wei ” The owner of the , For the next two sessions of user trust Directors . His previous campaign manifesto was “ Stick to the interests of users ”.

On the other hand , Wei to APP Now community , It seems that the hot search topic has been “ Against the joint owner statement ” Off the shelf , But the number of user discussions is still increasing .

At the end

No matter what the development trend of this matter is , We should still wake up , A Weilai car owner has unfortunately died , We should focus on the event itself . Anyone who represents others 、 Even alluding to the behavior of the accident owner , It's a secondary injury to their relatives and friends .

And in the “ Autopilot ” Related issues in the field , It has been deeply fermented on the Internet , We look forward to the day when such conceptual problems are really solved .

Attached is the joint statement of Weilai car owners :

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