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After Wei Lai's fatal car accident, do you still dare to use the "automatic driving" function?

2021-08-27 22:28:17 Owner's Guide

Just as Youshang ideal automobile was successfully listed in Hong Kong , A fatal car accident happened to the owner of Weilai automobile , For a while, he was pushed to the cusp by various public opinions .

According to the “ Meiyihao ” The official account is issued. ,8 month 12 On the afternoon of Sunday , Founder of shangshanruoshui investment management company 、 Founder of yitongtianxia catering management company 、 Lin Wenqin, founder of meiyihao brand management company, drives Weilai ES8 After the auto driving function is enabled , A traffic accident occurred in the Hanjiang section of Shenhai Expressway , Unfortunate death , At the age of 31 year .

at present , Mr. Lin's relatives and friends have provided the news to Xinhuanet “ Autopilot ” Details of the accident . According to relevant data and information , Lin Wenqin's last driving mileage was 85 km , Total duration 113 minute , The average speed is 45.1 Km / h , The maximum speed is 114.6 Km / h .NP The mileage 72 km ,NIO Pilot Total usage time of automatic driving assistance function 48 minute , Pilot assistance mileage 68 km , Time 44 minute . Throughout the journey , There is only one sharp acceleration , There is no sudden deceleration .

thus , The official of Weilai automobile has not given a final response to the accident yet , However, chairman Li Bin expressed deep condolences , Co founder Qin Lihong revealed that a professional team has been arranged to go to Fujian , And said that before the conclusion of the investigation , Weilai automobile will not release any unilateral information .

auxiliary ≠ Fully automatic

It is worth emphasizing that , although “ Meiyihao ” In Mr. Lin's obituary , Lin Wenqin drove Weilai ES8 The car is equipped with automatic driving function . But in fact, the so-called “ Automatic driving function ”, Weilai, to be exact Navigate on Pilot Pilot assistance ( Referred to as NOP), It is not a fully automatic driving function .

in the light of NOP Pilot assisted driving function , In fact, Weilai automobile company emphasizes in the use guide , We must not NOP Equivalent to automatic driving ,NOP At present, it is still a driving aid function , And may quit at any time when the working conditions cannot be met . And when the vehicle is first activated NOP Before function , The central control screen of the vehicle will also make it clear that full-automatic driving cannot be realized , The driver shall be responsible for driving safety in the whole process .

According to Wei Lai NOP Public media information display of auxiliary driving system , Weilai automobile made it clear that NOP Not on open roads ( Such as urban ground roads 、 Mountain roads, etc ) Use . We need to pay attention to different types of voice prompts sent by the vehicle , Or through instruments 、 Different display modes of the central control screen are used to distinguish the current status of the vehicle NOP or Pilot state , And adopt different driving and control modes .

meanwhile , Weilai automobile pointed out NOP No one can respond at this time 、 animal 、 Traffic lights and static obstacles ( Such as high-speed toll station 、 Roadblock 、 Triangular warning signs, etc ), If there is an accident ahead of the route 、 Construction area 、 Temporary road closure, etc , Please take over the vehicle immediately . and Pilot equally ,NOP It is also unable to cope with all weather conditions and road traffic conditions . We must always pay attention to the weather 、 Traffic conditions and road environment , And decide whether to use it under the condition of ensuring safety NOP.

in other words , Wei to NOP The functionality and usage scenarios of are limited , And assisted driving system ≠ Automatic driving system . Whether it's the basic version Pilot Or higher NOP, In fact, it's just between L2-L3 Level auxiliary driving system .

It is worth mentioning that , Smart cars in “ Autopilot ” Accident under working condition is not the first case , Similar accidents have happened to the vehicles of friends of Weilai automobile .

For example, Tesla, known as the leading enterprise of new power , It has happened at home and abroad before “ Autopilot ” Accident cases under working conditions , Such as 2016 In Florida, USA Model S The owner started the automatic driving system. , Killed when a vehicle hit a tractor ;2018 In California, USA Model X The owner , Hit a concrete truck because he ignored the warning from the system to take over the steering wheel .

So it seems , At this stage, we must not rely too much on the auxiliary driving system .

The brand side shall conduct proper publicity

There is a view that , Many car companies like to make a big fuss at the level of auxiliary driving system , This is not a good phenomenon .

In fact, it's true , When many car companies promote the auxiliary driving system , Always join in front of assisted driving “ Automatically ” The word" , It will also highlight the manual takeover rate 、 The driver can let go of the characteristics such as the maximum duration as the marketing starting point , Luring the user to try the auxiliary driving system in the gray area “ limit ”.

For example, Shen Fei, vice president of Weilai automobile , It's just 2019 In, he sent a document on microblog to publicize his family NOP autopilot , Express clearly NIO Pilot More and more addictive , With the help of autopilot system , I can safely eat and drive .

Besides , There are also many businesses on the online shopping platform “ Auxiliary driving artifact ”, Although the shapes of artifacts vary , But their working logic is to provide gravity , Create the illusion that the driver is holding the steering wheel , Final “ Swindle ” Trust of trip computer , So that the driver can let go “ Autopilot ” Pattern .

So in general , Nowadays, a large number of consumers mistakenly regard the auxiliary driving system as a fully automatic driving function , On the one hand, it is because the propaganda tone of the brand side is ambiguous , Not firm enough , There are even suspicions of deliberately giving vague concepts to consumers . Second, bad businesses in the automotive aftermarket , Developed the so-called driving artifact , Gave part “ Lazy type ” Opportunities for drivers to be lazy . Three, consumers themselves confuse the concept of auxiliary driving system and automatic driving system. .

As a matter of fact , The auxiliary driving system is not the culprit of the accident . contrary , Its core is to share the pressure of some drivers , So as to reduce the incidence of traffic accidents . As long as the driver is in the appropriate scene , And start the auxiliary driving system in the correct form , Benefits of assisted driving system , Far greater than the disadvantages . In the future, the development and evolution of auxiliary driving system , It needs the proper publicity of car enterprises , And the user's correct use logic .

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