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Expensive is not only its disadvantage, but also mine

2021-08-27 22:29:03 Owner's Guide

In traditional car companies , Audi's attitude towards electrification is radical . Recently released Skysphere The concept car allows them to run with Mercedes 、 BMW is one position ahead of the electric competition , however Skysphere The concept car may be a little far away if it wants to really become a product of life . At present, the electric products Audi brings us , It's the one in front of you e-tron.

I've been driving for a few days e-tron, I found it easy to get the attention of passers-by . Especially in the parking lot , When I passed them silently 、 After parking the car , In their eyes, I seem to see a sentence ,“ When did Audi get out of the electric car ?”

In fact, Audi e-tron It came to the domestic market in the form of import two years ago , In this year 4 month , Made in China e-tron Finally officially listed . Now? , This is the pioneering work of Audi pure electric , Price is 54.68-64.88 Ten thousand yuan .

There is one saying. ,e-tron I'm quite satisfied with the driving experience . On a weekend drive out with my friends , It's quiet enough , The suspension is also comfortable enough . Front and rear dual motors have 313Ps Power , Let me not worry about the power reserve at all . As for the endurance ,e-tron The displayed mileage is quite real , I ran close to 100 km , It shows that the endurance also consumes 100 km .

Plus the front seats with heating 、 ventilation 、 The function of massage , Even after a crazy day , I won't feel very tired on the way back . by the way , This trip ,e-tron It also brought me a little surprise .

Besides the driving experience ,e-tron In other aspects, the performance is the same as that of other Audi products . The central control area composed of upper and lower screens is not very fresh now , But sitting in Audi e-tron Main driver's seat , Be able to have a high enough atmosphere .

about BBA Of EQC、iX3 and e-tron Come on , Sales are not their main task . Besides 30 In the new energy vehicle market of more than 10000 yuan , Choose Wei Lai 、 Ideal 、 Tesla owners are obviously better than choosing BBA More of .

e-tron For Audi , It is a symbol of pure electrification , It can be seen from Audi's naming of subsequent motorized products ,e-tron It's the beginning of the mountain , Next is the play . So I think Audi's next electric products , It should be more interesting .

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