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Honda Integra is coming back to life. Is "hiromoto civic" going to change its name?

2021-08-27 22:29:08 Owner's Guide

At the beginning of this year 11 When Dai civic just got the news , We heard that Honda intends to make civic popular A The first-class car also goes “ Two car strategy ” The route of the , The next generation of domestic civic will probably have the corresponding GAC Honda models .

At that time, the most popular thing was , GAC version will be crowned as Honda classic sports car ——Integra( Used to translate : Style ) Sell under the name of , At the same time, positioning will be more sports oriented than Dongfeng Honda Civic .

With the new generation of civic domestic version getting closer and closer to us , People's expectations for these two new cars are also rising , But right there 8 month 13 Japan , Honda announced at an event held in Monterrey, California , Their high-end brands Acura Acura Will revive the classic Honda sports car series Integra, The new car will arrive as soon as 2022 Annual listing . The authorities even released a preview , It shows the extremely sporty headlamp design of this new car .

Guangzhou Honda : Your name is Integra, What should I call it ?

Integra Who is holy ?

Let's ignore GAC Honda Civic , This Integra Who is holy , One name alone is enough to excite so many fans ?

Integra The name was first used in 1985 Years ago , At that time, it was positioned as a family car biased towards sports , It also provides two versions of sedan and four door three car for consumers to choose . however , First and second generation Integra In fact, they didn't make much waves , Until the third generation Integra Appearance ,Type-R For the first time in this series , And the code DC2 The famous one carried on it B18C The engine , use 1.8L Naturally aspirating physique , Achieved amazing 200 horsepower , Let Honda decide “ Buy an engine and deliver the car ” The name of .

It is precisely because the third generation model is the whole Integra Series laid down “ motion ” Keynote , stay 2001 The fourth generation launched in , code-named DC5 On the model of , Honda decided to Integra Full movement —— Cancel other models , Keep only the three door sedan version , And legendary K20A The engine also appeared on this sports car for the first time ,220 The horsepower data may not be remarkable today , But in 20 Years ago , Use a 2.0L Naturally aspirated engines make such horsepower , Enough to shock the industry .

however , With the burst of Japan's economic bubble and the change of consumption flavour , stay DC5 in the future Integra No more successor models , Then he took over the banner of Honda's high-performance front drive , It has also become a civic that more people are familiar with Type-R series .

Making a comeback

honestly , Today, electrification has become a general trend , And then produce a two door coupe , I'm afraid it will be a thankless thing , But Honda decided to revive Integra Such a series , It's really puzzling .

In fact, as early as the beginning of this year , Someone came to Honda on the streets abroad and is testing a two door sports car , At that time, people wondered if this would be the new generation Integra, Some netizens even took photos according to the shape of the spy car , Painted a new generation Integra Imaginary map of , Various details are quite up to standard .

But calm down and think , At present, Honda really lacks a model that can compete with Toyota GR86、 subaru BRZ Competitive entry-level sports car models , So resurrection Integra It doesn't seem difficult to understand , And for them , If we build such a new car based on Civic Platform , In fact, the R & D cost will not be too high .

What's more? , The new generation Civic has determined that it will no longer provide a two door sedan version ,Integra The emergence of can well make up for the lack of this market , The addition of Acura brand can also bring positive help to the premium of new cars .

Hiromoto Integra Or become “ Pirate ”

According to what we know so far , The first 11 Dai civic will come as soon as 9 It will make its debut in China in June , At present, guangben model is on the verge , But now Honda has suddenly announced that it will officially revive Integra, It is unknown whether civic will continue to use this name in the subsequent GAC version .

however , In Orthodoxy Integra With little hope of entering the Chinese market , If GAC Honda decides to continue “ To borrow ”Integra The name of , I believe that most consumers will not feel any problems . After all, compared with a coupe , I'm afraid what the masses like to see is that the price is close to the people 、 Big space four door car .

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