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Without it, Geely could not sell the car for 200000 today

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Twenty years ago , Rooted in the refrigerator accessories production industry 、 Li Shufu, who made his fortune on motorcycles , Somehow he threw out a point of view : Build a car , It's four wheels, two sofas and a car shell .

This is the conclusion of Li Shufu's research on dismantling a large number of cars . Maybe in his opinion , Building a car is nothing more than assembling all kinds of parts , The technical difficulty is no greater than building refrigerators and cars . As a matter of fact , Li Shufu did build cars like this , It was produced by Geely “ geely 1 Number ”, Is to put a car W210 Mercedes E Class The car shell is sleeved on the chassis of a red flag car , Pieced together .

However , The grafted product must fail . It's no exaggeration to say , The cost is more than one million / Geely 1 Number , It's essentially a pile of industrial waste , All covered with dark diseases , You can't go up the hall of elegance . however , geely 1 The failure of the No. 1 is not a bad thing , That failed experience made Li Shufu realize a truth : You can't go to heaven step by step , There is no shortcut .

The idea of building a car “ calm ” After coming down , Li Shufu finally implemented the goal of entering the bureau to build cars in the cheap car market , Xiali automobile is also used as an imitation model , Seize the market with the strategy of reducing dimension and attacking Xiali . Such as pride 、 Ningbo, USA and Japan 、 Models such as ulio and freedom ship , It is the cornerstone of Geely's rapid foothold in the auto market , Ten years before Geely officially entered the bureau to build cars , These cars were once the flagship products of Geely .

however , If Geely only produces cheap cars without technology , The result is undoubtedly to narrow your own path , Limit yourself to the cheap market , It is still difficult to ascend the hall of elegance . Besides, , The years when we only built cheap cars , It has brought an uncorrectable negative reputation to Geely brand . In the eyes of mass consumers ,“ cheap ” It's actually a derogatory word, not a neutral word . This is also the main reason why some people still don't like domestic products .

therefore , If Geely wanted to go further more than ten years ago , Then improving the brand image has become the direction it needs to make efforts in the second stage , Otherwise, the peak of car building can only be fixed in the field of cheap economic cars , Even Geely will not be recognized by future generations .

The emperor is a great hero

Fortunately , For what is called “ Car madman ” For Li Shufu , It is not too difficult to understand that brands need transformation and upgrading , Therefore, Geely's road in the second stage is not crooked . In order to enhance the brand image , Geely is 2006-2009 In, three sub brands were launched successively , At first, it was a joint venture with British manganese copper group to establish British Automobile in Shanghai , Furthermore, the global Eagle shouldering the strategic transformation , Finally, Dihao in the higher-end market .

however , Even if you have more sons to fight , But in fact, there is only one brand that can help Geely transform successfully . Look back at the transcripts of Geely's three sons , British manganese copper group is a taxi professional , Jointly produced TX4 In fact, taxis do not meet the domestic demand for cars , Therefore, it has not been widely used in the public travel market . Besides TX4 Outside the model , Golden Eagle 、 seascape 、 King Kong wealth and SC5 And other models are still following the old road of Geely , There is no quality .

As for the global Eagle brand , Although the name is awesome , But in fact, the thunder and rain are small , Its products still have obvious traces of imitation from the inside to the outside , Main vehicle type GX7 With Toyota RAV4 There is an indescribable relationship , Obviously, there is no hope to improve the brand image of Geely . Finally, only the emperor who set his goal higher , This is the turning point in Geely's more than 20 years of manufacturing cars .

Start with the imperial brand , Geely has the thinking of building cars on a platform , With FE Platform as the foundation of brand development . And based on FE From the platform EC7 models , With its atmospheric interior and exterior decoration design, it has become popular in the terminal market , Even BYD at that time F3 It was also stunned . But there are many people , Someone found Imperial FE The structure of the platform is very similar to the Toyota Corolla , Therefore, there is a view that FE The platform is the reverse development of Toyota Corolla , It's just that the imitation has become less explicit .

Of course , For a start-up car company , Reverse development of star models of international automobile enterprises is not a matter of not trying to make progress , This is the of the automotive industry for more than 100 years “ Tradition ” 了 , Even Toyota, which is currently the largest in the global market, was born by imitating American cars , So imitate the corolla “ charges ” It has not affected the development of Dihao .

Besides, , At that time, the design level of Dihao was actually ahead of most independent brands , Its success has not only obtained more development resources within Geely , It also benefits from the highly original design and the concept of platform car making .

2014 year , Geely announced that the formal end has been implemented 7 Three year brand strategy , The three sub brands will be summarized under Geely brand , Dihao brand is 7 He retired years ago . It's no exaggeration to say , Geely can now sell cars to 20 ten thousand , Become the of domestic private automobile enterprises TOP 1, All rely on the reputation established by Dihao's strong sales in that year , Stand on the shoulders of emperor Hao and climb up step by step .


thus , Although Geely's three brand strategy has ended 7 Years. , Dihao brand has long been incorporated into Geely brand , Downgrade from brand to vehicle series .

However, the legend of emperor Hao is not over , It's just that the story is now written by Geely . And for a long time , Yidihao 、 emgrand GL And the emperor GS The combined imperial family is still the fist product of Geely brand , In its heyday, it assumed the responsibility of Geely brand 50% Share of sales , So far, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 320 Thousands of cars .

This year, , Geely's meritorious models — Dihao has ushered in a comprehensive reform , be based on BMA The platform is built from scratch . meanwhile , Geely is also based on Imperial GS And Dihao GL Derived from Imperial S And Dihao L models , Trying to inject fresh blood into the imperial family .

But what is still worrying is , With the upgrading of consumption and Geely CMA Application of the platform , Young Xingrui and Xingyue L When young models grab the market , The penetration rate of imperial family in Geely brand is gradually decreasing , At present, the monthly sales volume has changed from the peak period of 5 Million vehicles fell back to 2-3 Thousands of cars , Whether the new imperial can lead the independent brand car market again , Still unknown .

and , emgrand S And Dihao L Although it is a new face , But it's actually more “ Old wine in new bottles ”, It's not BMA Products of the platform . How far can the imperial family go in the future , The key is the of the new imperial model “ Personal ability ” How strong , Not imperial S And Dihao L Whether it can emit light and heat .

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