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When the beast comes out, another new car of Harvard will appear

2021-08-27 22:37:43 Oriental Information automobile

We all know that Harvard has a good way of naming , Not only the Great Wall cannon 、 tanks 、 The first love 、 mocha , And the big dog 、 White cat 、 Red rabbit, wait , Let you never guess what the name of the next new car will be . Harvard also announced a new car named “ Mythical Animals ”, Will be in 8 month 29 At the Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th , It's also expected and unexpected . For this new car that can be remembered at once , Netizens have big brain holes , call jokingly “ Add a few more Harvard to open the zoo ”. The name is really wild , Is there something about product power ? Let's have a look .

Haval beast is based on lemon platform , It focuses on the sense of technology and youth , Positioned in the flagship model of Harvard brand . In terms of appearance , It uses a brand new name “ Super space-time sharp Aesthetics ” Design language of , The overall style is quite different from other Haval models , Looks more handsome . The front air intake grille adopts a similar boundless star orbit design , Officially called “ Star rail type front face air inlet grille ”, Full of sense of technology and avant-garde , Really have “ Star orbit ” That smell . Sharp side waist line 、 Through the upper part of the grid LED Lamp with 、 Split headlights on both sides 、 The rear of the γ Ray tail lamp , Under these design combinations with high identification , The beast has added a sense of movement . meanwhile , The body is also equipped with a hidden door handle that looks very scientific and technological .

The interior design of the carriage also has a sense of science and Technology , except 12.3 Inch LCD instrument +14.6 Double screen design composed of inch central control screen , Most physical keys are cancelled in the central control area , The shift mechanism will also be updated to the open gear type , This is also the first time on the Haval model . Since it focuses on young consumers , The scientific and technological equipment must be indispensable . The new car will be equipped with Great Wall Motors coffee intelligent system , Adopted by Qualcomm 8155 The chip has super computing power , With full scene intelligent interaction 、 Personalized voice interaction and other functions . and WEY Some head displays on Mocha 、 Multi screen interaction and rich driving assistance functions are likely to be carried on the beast .

Body size , The length, width and height of new cars are respectively 4780*1890*1675mm, The wheelbase is 2800mm, Such data has reached medium-sized SUV The level of . motivation , The choice of divine beasts is quite rich , Almost all the power forms possessed by Great Wall Motors at present , Including lemon platform HEV hybrid 、PHEV Plug in hybrid 、 And the fuel version 1.5T and 2.0. among ,HEV Hybrid version integrated output 179kW Maximum power of , as well as 530Nm Maximum torque of , The range is up to 1000km;PHEV The plug-in hybrid version provides two battery pack specifications , The pure electric range is 80km and 140km. So it seems , The Havre beast is not just a name domineering , Product strength is also worth looking forward to . Whether there is only one pricing difference from the popular money , Let's wait and see .

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