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Within 100000, the car body is small and can get the green card. These cars are very suitable for female owners

2021-08-27 22:40:20 Zhong Shujia Road

Now is the era of new energy vehicles , Look at all kinds of green cars on the road more and more , Many candidates have one more choice when choosing a car , After all, the green card has attracted a lot of people without limit , Of course, some of the green brand models are still relatively large , There are also some mini , For example, Wuling Hongguang's MINIEV, It's very popular , Sales rose sharply , But many boys don't like , But it's the girl's favorite .


Agatsuma MINIEV The biggest feature is that it's cheap, easy to drive and green card , This is the envy of many other car owners , Its price is very low , And it can be licensed in most cities , The green card is unlimited , And it's not very big , It's easy to drive , Parking has also become very easy , It's cheap enough for white-collar workers who just start working , And parking is convenient , It can be said that it is the favorite of female drivers , And its design is very young and fashionable .

Euler black cat

Euler black cat is also such a car , It's a pure electric model of the Great Wall , After its launch, it quickly attracted a lot of people because of its fashionable and young appearance , And its shape is very Q ' , Driving in the city doesn't feel cheap at all , It's a fashion , It also has a variety of colors , And its endurance has three versions , The longest endurance is 405 km , It's very reliable .

Euler is a good cat

The positioning and price of Euler's good cat are a little higher than that of black cat , A retro design scheme is used , But it has also been adjusted , There are modern fashion elements , There is a sliding back design on the side of the body , The size is 4235×1825×1596mm, Wheelbase reached 2650mm, It can be said that the space is still relatively large , The longest endurance has reached 501 km .

Euler ballet cat

Euler's Ballet cat will also be released , Its design is more retro , But the kernel is modern technology , Many friends commented that it has a little taste of beetle , Endurance is also good 400-500 km , So it belongs to the enhanced version of small electric vehicles .

BYD dolphins

BYD dolphin is also a good electric car , This is also in BYD's new E The model built by the platform , Many friends feel that this is the domestic fit of the electric version , Blessed with blade battery , There is also strong motivation and sexy and fashionable appearance design , It's easy to impress buyers , Especially for some young people , Both the interior and exterior design of the car are young , The wheelbase even reached 2700mm, The space is not small , Endurance is also good 301/401/501 Three options , So its user base is still very broad .

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